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Banche dati MSDS, sicurezza, dati tossicologici.

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    A cluster of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and related areas.

    Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB®)
    HSDB is a toxicology data file on the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®). It focuses on the toxicology of potentially hazardous chemicals. It is enhanced with information on human exposure, industrial hygiene, emergency handling procedures, environmental fate, regulatory requirements, and related areas. All data are referenced and derived from a core set of books, government documents, technical reports and selected primary journal literature. HSDB is peer-reviewed by the Scientific Review Panel (SRP), a committee of experts in the major subject areas within the data bank's scope. HSDB is organized into individual chemical records, and contains over 4500 such records.

    Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)
    IRIS is a toxicology data file on the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®). It contains data in support of human health risk assessment. It is compiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and contains over 500 chemical records. IRIS data, focusing on hazard identification and dose-response assessment, is reviewed by work groups of EPA scientists and represents EPA consensus. Among the key data provided in IRIS are EPA carcinogen classifications, unit risks, slope factors, oral reference doses, and inhalation reference concentrations.

    International Toxicity Estimates for Risk (ITER®)
    ITER is a toxicology data file on the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®). It contains data in support of human health risk assessments. It is compiled by Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA) and contains over 600 chemical records with key data from the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR), Health Canada, National Institute of Public Health & the Environment (RIVM) - The Netherlands, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and independent parties whose risk values have undergone peer review. ITER provides a comparison of international risk assessment information in a side-by-side format and explains differences in risk values derived by different organizations. ITER data, focusing on hazard identification and dose-response assessment, is extracted from each agency’s assessment and contains links to the source documentation. Among the key data provided in ITER are ATSDR’s minimal risk levels; Health Canada’s tolerable intakes/concentrations and tumorigenic doses/concentrations; EPA’s carcinogen classifications, unit risks, slope factors, oral reference doses, and inhalation reference concentrations; RIVM’s maximum permissible risk levels; and noncancer and/or cancer risk values (that have undergone peer review) derived by independent parties.

    GENE-TOX is a toxicology data file of the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®). It is created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and contains genetic toxicology (mutagenicity) test data, resulting from expert peer review of the open scientific literature, on over 3000 chemicals. The GENE-TOX program was established to select assay systems for evaluation, review data in the scientific literature, and recommend proper testing protocols and evaluation procedures for these systems.

    Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System (CCRIS®)
    CCRIS is a toxicology data file of the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®). It is a scientifically evaluated and fully referenced data bank, developed and maintained by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). It contains over 8000 chemical records with carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, tumor promotion, and tumor inhibition test results. Data are derived from studies cited in primary journals, current awareness tools, NCI reports, and other special sources. Test results have been reviewed by experts in carcinogenesis and mutagenesis.

    Integrated search of any or all of the following databases: Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB), Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information (CCRIS), and Genetic Toxicology (GENE-TOX).

    The TOXLINE® database ( is the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) bibliographic database for toxicology, a varied science encompassing many disciplines. TOXLINE records provide bibliographic information covering the biochemical, pharmacological, physiological, and toxicological effects of drugs and other chemicals. It contains more than 3 million bibliographic citations, most with abstracts and/or indexing terms and CAS Registry Numbers. TOXLINE references are drawn from various sources grouped into two parts--TOXLINE Core and TOXLINE Special. A standard search of TOXLINE retrieves records from both subsets. Users can also limit retrieval to only one.

    Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology/Environmental Teratology Information Center (DART®/ETIC)
    Database DART/ETIC is a bibliographic database on the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®). It covers teratology and other aspects of developmental and reproductive toxicology. It contains over 100,000 references to literature published since 1965. DART/ETIC is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the National Center for Toxicological Research of the Food and Drug Administration, and the NLM.

    EPA's Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI®)
    TRI is an annually compiled series of databases that constitute the toxic releases files on the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®). This series, 1995-2001 reporting years, contains information on the annual estimated releases of toxic chemicals to the environment and is based upon data collected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Mandated by the Superfund legislation, TRI's data covers air, water, land, and underground injection releases, as well as transfers to waste sites, and waste treatment methods and efficiency, as reported by industrial facilities around the United States. TRI also includes data related to source reduction and recycling.

    ChemIDplus is a free, web-based search system that provides access to structure and nomenclature authority files used for the identification of chemical substances cited in National Library of Medicine (NLM) databases. ChemIDplus also provides structure searching and direct links to many biomedical resources at NLM and on the Internet for chemicals of interest. The database contains over 368,000 chemical records, of which over 206,000 include chemical structures, and is searchable by Name, Synonym, CAS Registry Number, Molecular Formula, Classification Code, Locator Code, and Structure. A new ChemIDplus Lite version is available for Name and RN searching without the need for plugins or applets.

    List of S-Phrases

    Links of S-phrases point to the Council Directive 67/548/EEC (licence required for access.) You will find there notes (in German) on how to use the S-phrase. In this list you will also find some modifications of S-phrases made by manufacturers. These modifications are preceded by the company name.

    List of R-Phrases

    Links of R-phrases point to the Council Directive 67/548/EEC (licence required for access.) You will find there notes (in German) on how to use the R-phrase. In this list you will also find some modifications of R-phrases made by manufacturers. These modifications are preceded by the company name.


    Scorecard is the ultimate source for free and easily accessible local environmental information. Simply type in a zip code to learn about environmental issues in your community. Scorecard ranks and compares the pollution situation in areas across the US. Scorecard also profiles 6,800 chemicals, making it easy to find out where they are used and how hazardous they are. Using authoritative scientific and government data, Scorecard provides the most up-to-date and extensive collection of environmental information available online. Information is power - once you learn about an environmental problem, Scorecard encourages and enables you to take action - you can fax a polluting company, contact your elected representatives, or volunteer with environmental organizations working in your community.

    Hazardous Chemical Database

    This database will allow the user to retreive information for any of 3995 hazardous chemicals or 'generic' entries based on a keyword search. Potential keywords include names, formula and registry numbers (CAS, DOT, RTECS and EPA). Note: due to the format used, searching for chemical formula produce unreliable results.

    NIOSH Pocket Guide

    Online NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards - INDEX of Chemical Names

    ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

    The mission of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), as an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is to prevent exposure and adverse human health effects and diminished quality of life associated with exposure to hazardous substances from waste sites, unplanned releases, and other sources of pollution present in the environment.

    MSDS Search

    The ~ 250,000 MSDS files contained in this database are derived from : the U.S. Government Department of Defense MSDS database. a mirror of data from MSDS sheets maintained by Cornell University Environmental Health and Safety and other Cornell departments.

    Ricerca Combinata Sostanze. Archivio di 101.801 sostanze pericolose

    ISS - Siti Paralleli - Sostanze Pericolose - Etichettatura - Base Dati - Ricerca.

    HazDat Database

    The following information is included in HazDat: site characteristics, activities and site events, contaminants found, contaminant media and maximum concentration levels, impact on population, community health concerns, ATSDR public health threat categorization, ATSDR recommendations, environmental fate of hazardous substances, exposure routes, and physical hazards at the site/event. In addition, HazDat contains substance-specific information such as the ATSDR Priority List of Hazardous Substances, health effects by route and duration of exposure, metabolites, interactions of substances, susceptible populations, and biomarkers of exposure and effects.


    CANCERLIT® is a bibliographic database that contains more than 1.5 million citations and abstracts from over 4,000 different sources including biomedical journals, proceedings, books, reports, and doctoral theses. The database contains references to cancer literature published from the 1960s to the present and is updated with more than 8,000 records every month.


    The National MSDS Repository: Here you will find information on every aspect of MSDSs including how to read, write, understand, and train employees to meet the Hazard Communication Standard.

    Istituto Superiore di Sanità: Sostanze e Preparati Pericolosi

    L’Archivio Preparati Pericolosi riporta le composizioni chimiche complete dei preparati pericolosi presenti sul mercato nazionale; poiché contiene informazioni confidenziali è accessibile solo ai Centri Antiveleni accreditati dal Ministero della Salute. L’Inventario Nazionale Sostanze Chimiche è una banca dati creata all’inizio degli anni ’80 che contiene schede monografiche su un gran numero di sostanze chimiche di interesse nazionale. L’Elenco delle Sostanze Classificate riporta la classificazione aggiornata di cui all’Allegato I alla direttiva 67/548/CEE. L’Elenco delle Sostanze Cancerogene riporta tutti gli agenti cancerogeni riconosciuti a livello internazionale con le relative classificazioni effettuate da Agenzie nazionali ed internazionali.

    The Carcinogenic Potency Project (CPDB)

    The Carcinogenic Potency Database (CPDB) is a widely used resource on the results of chronic, long-term animal cancer tests. It provides a single, standardized and easily accessible database that includes sufficient information on each experiment to permit investigations into many research areas of carcinogenesis. Both qualitative and quantitative information on positive and negative experiments are reported, including all bioassays from the National Cancer Institute/National Toxicology Program (NCI/NTP) and experimental results from the general literature that meet a set of inclusion criteria.

    Specialized Information Service Home Page - U. S. National Library of Medicine

    The Specialized Information Services (SIS) Division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) is responsible for information resources and services in toxicology, environmental health, chemistry, HIV/AIDS, and specialized topics in minority health.

    International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSC) - Search for a card

    Type in the textbox any part of a chemical's name, or its complete four-digit ICSC number in the format nnnn, or its CAS number in the format CAS nnnn-nn-n (with correct hyphenation) and click on the Search button to find it. The card(s) matching your selection criterion will be listed on the subsequent page.

    International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS).

    IPCS INCHEM is a means of rapid access to internationally peer reviewed information on chemicals commonly used throughout the world, which may also occur as contaminants in the environment and food. It consolidates information from a number of intergovernmental organizations whose goal it is to assist in the sound management of chemicals. CIS Chemical Information (ILO/CIS) . Concise International Chemical Assessment Documents (CICADs). Environmental Health Criteria (EHC) Monographs . Health and Safety Guides (HSGs). International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) - Summaries and Evaluations . International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSCs) . IPCS/CEC Evaluation of Antidotes Series. Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) - Monographs & Evaluations . Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR). Pesticide Documents (PDSs). Poisons Information Monographs (PIMs). Screening Information Data Set (SIDS) for High Production Volume Chemicals.

    EPA/OPPT: Chemical Fact Sheets

    The Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) was formed in 1977 with the primary responsibility for administering the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). This Law covers the production and distribution of commercial and industrial chemicals in the United States. OPPT has the responsibility for assuring that chemicals made available for sale and use in the United States, do not pose any adverse risks to human health or to the environment. OPPT's responsibility was expanded Still further with the passing of the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990. This act established pollution prevention as the National policy for controlling industrial pollution at its source. In addition, OPPT manages the new Chemical Right-To-Know Initiative, the Design for the Environment (DFE), Green Chemistry programs and the Lead, Asbestos and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) programs.


    The EXTension TOXicology NETwork (EXTOXNET) is an effort of University of California, Davis, Oregon State University, Michigan State University, Cornell University, and the University of Idaho. Some of the goals of EXTOXNET are to stimulate dialog on toxicology issues, develop and make available information relevant to extension toxicology, and facilitate the exchange of toxicology-related information in electronic form, accessible to all with access to the Internet. The EXTOXNET InfoBase is accessible via the World Wide Web (WWW).

    IARC - International Agency for Research on Cancer

    IARC’s mission: Cancer research for cancer control. IARC coordinates and conducts both epidemiological and laboratory research into the causes of cancer. The Agency’s work has four main objectives.

    Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    The Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), prepared and maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), is an electronic data base containing information on human health effects that may result from exposure to various chemicals in the environment. IRIS was initially developed for EPA staff in response to a growing demand for consistent information on chemical substances for use in risk assessments, decision-making and regulatory activities. The information in IRIS is intended for those without extensive training in toxicology, but with some knowledge of health sciences.


    The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is the Federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related disease and injury. The Institute is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). NIOSH is responsible for conducting research on the full scope of occupational disease and injury ranging from lung disease in miners to carpal tunnel syndrome in computer users., the World of Italian Clinical Toxicology on the Internet

    Il tossicologo on line.

    TOXBASE web site

    Our services are only available to registered users who will normally be hospital departments or general practitioners working in the UK National Health Service. It is NOT for personal use of NHS staff nor is it available for public access. From 1 Feb 2001 TOXBASE is also available to some hospital departments in Ireland. Commercial companies and overseas users may be allowed access on payment of a yearly subscription, subject to approval of the Departments of Health. Reciprocal agreements may be possible for Poisons Centres in other countries.

    Vermont SIRI MSDS Collection

    Enter whole or partial words or numbers in the company, product name, or the CAS or NSN. (Note: we do not control the contents of these MSDS's, which are available in the public domain from the federal government) .


    Types of available information Product Information Documents are prepared by Technical service to supply useful product or lot-specific data, including detailed usage instructions, product properties or general information. They provide the most frequently requested information about a product or group of products. Methods provide detailed instructions for the testing of Sigma-Aldrich products. Applications provide detailed instructions for specific applications of Sigma-Aldrich products. Miscellaneous information collected in support of Sigma-Aldrich products.


    NIOSH - The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

    The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is the federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and illness. NIOSH is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the Department of Health and Human Services.

    Enter a Chemical Name, CAS Number, Molecular Formula or Weight. Use * for partial names (e.g. ben*). Search here for free. For professional searching, use ChemINDEX. Individual access to ChemFinder is complimentary on a limited basis. Access by corporations, academic institutions and government organizations is granted on an enterprise subscription basis. Please contact databases @ for enterprise subscription information.


    CANUTEC is the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre operated by Transport Canada to assist emergency response personnel in handling dangerous goods emergencies. This national bilingual advisory centre was established in 1979 and is part of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Directorate. It has the mandate to regulate the handling, offering for transport and the transport of dangerous goods by all modes ensure public safety. CANUTEC is one of the major programs instituted by Transport Canada to promote public safety during movement of people and goods in Canada.


    The ATSDR ToxFAQsTM is a series of summaries about hazardous substances developed by the ATSDR Division of Toxicology. Information for this series is excerpted from the ATSDR Toxicological Profiles and Public Health Statements. Each fact sheet serves as a quick and easy to understand guide. Answers are provided to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about exposure to hazardous substances found around hazardous waste sites and the effects of exposure on human health.

    International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre (CIS)

    Each person involved in handling dangerous substances or preparations should be provided with written instructions on the properties of the chemicals, including illustrations and pictograms. These safety instructions and information should be collected and stored in a place easily accessible at the workplace.

    Hazardous Chemical Database

    This database will allow the user to retreive information for any of 23,495 hazardous chemicals or 'generic' entries based on a keyword search. Potential keywords include names, formula and registry numbers (CAS, DOT, RTECS, EINECS, Beilstein, Merck and EPA). Formula are represented in Hill format for searching and a more descriptive format for viewing.

    MSDS / HMIS Search

    MSDS and Hazard Communication. Step 1. Type a phrase or keyword to search ....

    MSDS Solutions™

    MSDS Solutions™ offers an online database, software and services for managing and distributing MSDSs. Since 1991 we have led the market in MSDS management solutions – having helped our customers create safer work environments, save time, lower costs and reduce the risk and liability associated with meeting various compliance standards.

    The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) is a Canadian federal government agency based in Hamilton, Ontario, which serves to support the vision of eliminating all Canadian work-related illnesses and injuries. This section will aid writers in identifying the specific types of information required in MSDSs used in Canada, the US and the European Union. This document is not intended to be a comprehensive guide on how to write MSDSs but it will provide information that will be useful to MSDS writers. Many countries now have legislation that requires chemical producers or suppliers to prepare MSDSs. In Canada this legislation is generally called WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System). One regulation under WHMIS, the Controlled Products Regulations (CPR), prescribes what information must be on labels and MSDSs.


    This FAQ was started by ILPI in 1995 after readers of our most popular web page, Where to Find MSDS's on the Internet, began asking us for help. By March of 2001, the FAQ has grown so long that we decided to subdivide the FAQ into several sections to make it more readable. Each section is a fairly broad category, so there is bound to be some overlap between the sections. If you still can't find an answer to your question after reading through the various sections, see the last question under Miscellaneous.


    The European Chemicals Bureau (ECB) is the focal point for data and the assessment procedure on dangerous chemicals.

    Safetec MSDS and Chemical Management

    Welcome to! Click on the login button below to begin your MSDS search. has approximately 500,000 MSDSs currently in the system and is growing rapidly.


    L'iniziativa intrapresa dalla Comunità nel settore dei prodotti chimici rientra in un'azione continua iniziata molto tempo fa, poiché che la prima direttiva, relativa alla classificazione, all'imballaggio e all'etichettatura delle sostanze pericolose, è stata adottata nel 1967.

    CAMD Saftey and MSDS

    CAMD is a high-tech synchrotron research center whose role is to provide equipment, expertise, and infrastructure for research and development in the area of microstructures and microdevices. CAMD is housed in a 45,000 square-foot building located on a 15-acre site approximately five miles from the LSU campus. Current investigations at CAMD include: 1) basic research in the areas of atomic and molecular structure and condensed-matter (surface and bulk phase) phenomena. 2) applied research in the exciting field of microdevice fabrication.

    Veleni ed avvelenamenti

    Molto spesso accidentalmente possono essere ingerite sostanze altamente tossiche. Le statistiche sugli incidenti domestici di questo tipo dimostrano come il problema non sia assolutamente da sottovalutare. Salus presenta una breve scheda su cosa fare in caso di emergenza . 2,4-D (acido 2,4 diclorofenossiacetico) 2,4-dinitrofenolo Acetaminofene (paracetamolo) Acido acetilsalicilico Acido borico e borati Acido ossalico e ossalati Alcol isopropilico Amanita muscaria (fungo) Amanita phalloides (fungo) Amfetamina Ammoniaca e idrossido di ammonio Anilina Antistaminici Argento Arsenico Atropina Barbiturici Bario Benzene esaclorato Benzene , xilene, toluene Botulismo Bromuri (sodio, potassio, ammonio, ecc.) Cadmio , sali Canfora Caustici (acidi, alcali) Cianuro (di sodio, potassio ecc.) Cloralio idrato, cloralosio Clorati (di sodio, potassio, bario e ammonio) Clordano, eptaclor Clorpromazina e derivati della fenotiazina Cocaina DDT e insetticidi organoclorurati Digitale Disolfuro di carbonio Disulfiram Ergotamina Esteri organofosforici Etanolo, alcol etilico Fenacetina Ferro sali (ferrosi e ferrici) Fluoroacetati, acido fluoroacetico, fluoroacetamide Fluoruri (di sodio e di potassio) Formaldeide Fosforo Funghi Glicole etilenico Idrogeno solforato Iodio Ipecacuana Ipocloriti Isopropanolo Meprobamato Mercurio Metanolo Morfina e oppiacei Naftalene (naftlina) Nicotina e tabacco Nitroglicerina, nitriti e nitrati Petrolio e distillati Piombo, sali Rame (solfato e altri sali) Salicilati Stricnina Tallio, sali Teofillina, aminofillina, caffeina Tetracloruro di carbonio Trementina e oli essenziali Warfarin e anticoagulanti orali Zinco,sali

    CARLO ERBA REAGENTI - Elenco schede di sicurezza prodotti CARLO ERBA

    Elenco in ordine alfabetico: Nome prodotto - Codice scheda : (-)Borneolo ITCH0792 (+)Limonene ITCH0078 (E)-but-2-ene ITCH0136 (Z)-but-2-ene ITCH0058 1-(2-Piridile-azo)-2-naftolo ITCH1320 1,1,1-Trifluoroacetilacetone ITCH1623 1,1,1-Trifluoroacetiltrifluoroacetone ITCH1624 1,1,2,2-Tetracloroetano ITCH0878 1,1,2-Tricloro-2,2,1-trifluoroetano ITCH0246 1,1-Dimetilidrazina ITCH1432 1,2,4-Triclorobenzene ITCH1331 1,2-Dimetossietano ITCH0174 1,2-Etanoditiolo ITCH1703 1,3-Dicloro-2-propanolo ITCH0997 1,4-Bis(5-fenil-4-metilossazol-2-il)benzene ITCH0774 1,4-Bis(5-fenilossazol-2-il)benzene ITCH0770 1,4-Diossano ITCH0158 1,5-Cicloottadiene ITCH0884 1,8-Diidrossiantrachinone ITCH0949 1-Bromonaftalene ITCH0831 1-Dimetilamminonaftalene-5-solfonile cloruro ITCH1642 1-Dimetilamminonaftalene-5-solfonilidrazina ITCH1643 1-Esadecene ITCH0999 1-Esanolo ITCH1701 1-Fenilsemicarbazide ITCH1276 1-Metilimidazolo ITCH1227 1-Metilnaftalene ITCH1024 1-Naftolo ITCH0540 1-Nitropropano ITCH1738 2-(2-Butossietossi)etanolo ITCH0164 2,2,3-Trimetilbutano ITCH1757 2,2'-Dichinolina ITCH1267 2,2-Dimetilbutano ITCH0960 2,3,5-Trifeniltetrazolio cloruro ITCH0509 2,3-Diclorodician-5,6-benzo-1,4-chinone ITCH0935 2,3-Dimetilbutano ITCH1646 2,3-Dimetilbutene-1 ITCH1699 2,3-Dimetilpentano ITCH1653 2,4,6-(Tripiridile-2)-s-triazina ITCH1629 2,4,6-Tribromofenolo ITCH1436 2,4,6-Triclorofenolo ITCH1332 2,4-Dimetilesano ITCH1649 2,4-Dimetilpentano ITCH1654 2,4-Dinitroanilina ITCH1434 2,4-Dinitroclorobenzene ITCH1435 2,4-Dinitrofenilidrazina ITCH0782 2,4-Dinitrofluorobenzene ITCH1141 2,4-Pentandione ITCH0061 2,4-Xilenolo ITCH1107 2,5-Difenilossazolo ITCH0948 2,6-Dibromochinonclorimmide ITCH0929 2,6-Diclorochinonclorimmide ITCH0932 2-Ammino-2metilpropan-1,3-diolo ITCH0691 2-Amminopiridina ITCH1553 2-Bromopropano ITCH1433 2-Butossietanolo ITCH0063 2-Etilesilammina-1 ITCH1708 2-Etossietanolo ITCH0059 2-Etossietilacetato ITCH0069 2-Furaldeide ITCH0470 2-Mercaptobenzotiazolo ITCH0022 2-Mercaptoetanolo ITCH1143 2-Metilbutene-1 ITCH1724 2-Metilbutene-2 ITCH1725 2-Metileptano ITCH1746 2-Metilesano ITCH1750 2-Metilottano ITCH1209 2-Metilpent-1-ene ITCH0033 2-Metilpentano ITCH1770 2-Metilpropene ITCH1719 2-Metossietanolo ITCH0057 2-Metossietilacetato ITCH0068 2-Morfolinetanolo ITCH1236 2-Naftolo ITCH1491 2-Nitropropano ITCH0085 2-Nonanolo ITCH0863 2-Piperidinetanolo ITCH0200 2-Tiouracile ITCH1387 3,3',5,5'-Tetrametilbenzidina ITCH1149 3,3'-Diamminobenzidina bicloridrato ITCH1502 3,5-Dinitrobenzoile cloruro ITCH1655 3-Cloro-1,2-propandiolo ITCH1437 3-Dimetilamminopropionitrile ITCH1645 3-Metil-1-fenil-5-pirazolone ITCH1195 3-Metil-but-1-ene ITCH0036 3-Metileptano ITCH1747 3-Metilesano ITCH1751 3-Metilpentano ITCH0039 3-Trimetilsililpropansolfonato sodico ITCH1628 3-Trimetilsililpropionato sodico ITCH1830 4-Amminofenazone ITCH1129 4-Clorobifenile ITCH0895 4-Clorofenolo ITCH1493 4-Difenilammina solfonato sodico ITCH1261 4-Dimetilamminopiridina ITCH1644 4-Metil-1,2-dimercaptobenzene ITCH1187 4-Metileptano ITCH1748 4-Metilmorfolina ITCH0204 4-Metilpent-1-ene ITCH0051 4-Picolina ITCH1735 5-Metil-3-eptanone ITCH1710 6-Fenil-2-tiouracile ITCH1826 6-Metil-2,4-eptandione ITCH1194 6-Metil-2-tiouracile ITCH1200 6-Propil-2-tiouracile ITCH1352 8-Ossichinolina ITCH1027 9,10-Antrachinone ITCH0712 Acetaldeide ammoniaca ITCH1670 Acetaldeide ITCH0122 Acetale ITCH0475 Acetammide ITCH1521 Acetanilide ITCH1116 Acetilcolina bromuro ITCH0328 Acetile cloruro ITCH0476 Acetilfenilidrazina ITCH1522 Acetoacetanilide ITCH1523 Acetofenone ITCH0477 Acetone ITCH0014 Acetone-d6 ITCH1671 Acetonilacetone ITCH1524 Acetonitrile ITCH0080 Acetonitrile-d3 ITCH1672 Acidità - Titolante ITCH1890 Acidità ed Alcalinità - Indicatore M ITCH1888 Acidità ed Alcalinità - Indicatore P ITCH1889 Acido 1,2-diamminocicloesan-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetico trans ITCH0261 Acido 1,2-naftochinone-4-solfonico sale sodico ITCH1388 Acido 1-ammino-2-naftolo-4-solfonico ITCH0907 Acido 1-nitroso-2-ossinaftalen-3,6-disolfonico sale bisodico ITCH0560 Acido 1-pentansolfonico sale sodico ITCH0156 Acido 2-(tris(idrossimetil)metilammino)etan-1-solfonico (TES) ITCH1861 Acido 2-etilesanoico ITCH0429 Acido 2-iodobenzoico ITCH0479 Acido 2-tiobarbiturico ITCH0617 Acido 3,5-dinitrobenzoico ITCH1127 Acido 3,5-dinitrosalicilico ITCH1513 Acido 3-amminometilalizarina-N,N-diacetico cerio complesso sol. In acetone ITCH0568 Acido 3-bromopropionico ITCH0178 Acido 4-amminonaftalen-1-solfonico (naftionico) ITCH0199 Acido 4-cicloesilbutirrico ITCH0406 Acido 4-morfolinopropansolfonico (MOPS) ITCH1860 Acido 4-nitrofenilfosforico sale bisodico ITCH0541 Acido acetico 0,01 mol/l NORMEX ITCH1807 Acido acetico 12% ITCH0954 Acido acetico da 80% a 28% ITCH0111 Acido acetico glaciale ITCH0016 Acido acetilsalicilico ITCH0478 Acido adipico ITCH0087 Acido alginico ITCH0332 Acido alpha-trans-crotonico ITCH1531 Acido anisico ITCH0333 Acido antranilico ITCH1264 Acido arachico ITCH0334 Acido barbiturico ITCH0335 Acido beenico ITCH0339 Acido benzoico ITCH0101 Acido borico ITCH0100 Acido bromidrico 48% e 40% ITCH0099 Acido bromoacetico ITCH0501 Acido cacodilico ITCH1439 Acido calconcarbonico ITCH0355 Acido carminico ITCH0382 Acido chinaldinico ITCH0400 Acido cianacetico ITCH1527 Acido cinnamico ITCH0874 Acido citrico ITCH0098 Acido cloranilico ITCH0410 Acido cloridrico 37%,35%,32% ITCH0079 Acido cloridrico 8% ITCH0814 Acido cloridrico da 25 a 10%, 1 e 0,5 mol/l NORMEX ITCH0815 Acido cloridrico-d 38% in D2O ITCH1673 Acido cloroacetico ITCH0502 Acido clorosolfonico ITCH1530 Acido D(-)mandelico ITCH0520 Acido D(-)tartarico ITCH0603 Acido dicloroacetico ITCH0955 Acido dietilentriamminopentacetico ITCH1029 Acido DL-malico ITCH1312 Acido DL-mandelico ITCH0537 Acido DL-omocisteico ITCH0326 Acido dodecilbenzensolfonico sale sodico ITCH1391 Acido eptafluorobutirrico ITCH1215 Acido eptansolfonico sale sodico ITCH1509 Acido erucico ITCH0424 Acido esacloroplatinico esaidrato ITCH0425 Acido etilendiamminotetraacetico sale bipotassico ITCH1415 Acido etilendiamminotetraacetico sale bisodico soluzione ITCH0812 Acido etilendiamminotetraacetico sale bisodico ITCH0504 Acido etilendiamminotetraacetico sale di potassio e magnesio ITCH0191 Acido etilendiamminotetraacetico sale tetrasodico tetraidrato ITCH1140 Acido etilendiamminotetraacetico sale tripotassico soluzione ITCH0813 Acido etilendiamminotetraacetico ITCH0096 Acido etilenglicole bis-(2-amminoetiletere) tetraacetico ITCH0427 Acido fenilacetico ITCH0430 Acido fenolsolforico ITCH0614 Acido fluoridrico 50--->39% ITCH0094 Acido fluoroborico 40% ITCH0811 Acido folico ITCH0434 Acido formico 85% ITCH0364 Acido formico 99% ITCH1128 Acido fosfomolibdico ITCH0418 Acido fosforico 99% ITCH1036 Acido fosforico da 85 a 75% ITCH0298 Acido fosforoso ITCH0419 Acido fosfosolforico ITCH0613 Acido fosfotungstico ITCH0426 Acido ftalico ITCH0421 Acido fumarico ITCH0480 Acido gallico ITCH1100 Acido glicolico ITCH0362 Acido glutarico ITCH0469 Acido iodico ITCH0416 Acido iodidrico 57% ITCH0415 Acido ipofosforoso ITCH0481 Acido ippurico ITCH1514 Acido isobutirrico ITCH1532 Acido isovalerianico ITCH0183 Acido itaconico ITCH0493 Acido L(+)ascorbico ITCH0102 Acido L(+)aspartico, DL-aspartico ITCH1395 Acido L(+)glutammico ITCH1326 Acido L(+)mandelico ITCH0525 Acido L(+)tartarico ITCH0413 Acido L(+)tartarico soluzione 20% in acqua ITCH1808 Acido lattico ITCH0008 Acido L-dibenzoiltartarico ITCH0097 Acido levulinico ITCH0499 Acido lignocerico ITCH0512 Acido linolenico ITCH0515 Acido maleico ITCH0482 Acido malonico ITCH1290 Acido m-clorobenzoico ITCH1529 Acido m-cloroperbenzoico ITCH0503 Acido metafosforico ITCH0420 Acido metansolfonico ITCH0088 Acido miristico ITCH0538 Acido m-nitrobenzoico ITCH1534 Acido n-butirrico ITCH1525 Acido n-caprilico ITCH1103 Acido n-caprinico ITCH0376 Acido n-capronico ITCH1526 Acido nicotinico ITCH0483 Acido nitrico 0,1 mol/l ITCH1039 Acido nitrico da 69,5% a 65% ITCH0007 Acido nitrico fumante ITCH0772 Acido nitrico soluzione da 10 a 5%, 0,1 mol/l NORMEX, 1 mol/l ITCH1488 Acido nitrilotriacetico ITCH0201 Acido nitrosonitrico ITCH0615 Acido nonanoico ITCH0544 Acido o-benzoilbenzoico ITCH0352 Acido o-clorobenzoico ITCH1528 Acido oleico ITCH0569 Acido ossalico biidrato ITCH0090 Acido ossalico da 0,5 a 0,05 mol/l ITCH0810 Acido ossalico ITCH1114 Acido palmitico ITCH0595 Acido p-amminobenzoico ITCH1183 Acido perclorico 0,01 mol/l ITCH0441 Acido perclorico 0,1 mol/l ITCH0440 Acido perclorico 30% ITCH1823 Acido perclorico 65% ITCH0091 Acido periodico ITCH0417 Acido picrico soluzione ITCH0422 Acido pirofosforico ITCH0202 Acido pirrolidinditiocarbammico sale ammonico ITCH1538 Acido piruvico ITCH1539 Acido p-nitrobenzoico ITCH1535 Acido p-ossibenzoico ITCH0571 Acido propionico ITCH0485 Acido p-toluensolfonico monoidrato ITCH0104 Acido p-toluensolfonico sale sodico ITCH0619 Acido rodizonico sale bisodico ITCH1515 Acido salicilico ITCH0486 Acido sebacico ITCH0598 Acido selenico 40% ITCH0487 Acido selenioso ITCH0488 Acido silicotungstico ITCH0412 Acido solfammico ITCH0092 Acido solfanilico ITCH0010 Acido solfidrico soluzione ITCH0468 Acido solforico da 15 a 5 % ITCH0904 Acido solforico da 5 a 0,5 % ITCH0901 Acido solforico da 60 a15%, 0,5 mol/l NORMEX, 0,25 mol/l NORMEX ITCH1426 Acido solforico da 98% a 90% ITCH0015 Acido solforico fumante (20% e 7% SO3) ITCH0903 Acido solforoso ITCH0411 Acido solfosalicilico ITCH0009 Acido stearico ITCH1163 Acido succinico ITCH0423 Acido tannico ITCH1174 Acido tetrapropilenbenzensolfonico sale sodico ITCH0605 Acido tioacetico ITCH1540 Acido tioglicolico 80% ITCH0489 Acido trans-aconitico ITCH0330 Acido tricloroacetico soluzione 20% ITCH0809 Acido tricloroacetico ITCH0414 Acido trifluoroacetico ITCH0490 Acido trifluorometansolfonico ITCH1541 Acido trimetilacetico ITCH1542 Acido tungstico ITCH0621 Acido undecilenico ITCH0632 Acido urico ITCH1422 Acido valerico ITCH1543 Acqua di bromo ITCH0808 Acqua di cloro ITCH0806 Acquovitrex ITCH1867 Acrilammide ITCH1544 Acrilonitrile ITCH0093 Agar-Agar fili ITCH0996 Alcalinità - Titolante ITCH1891 Alcole 2,2,2-tricloroetilico ITCH1546 Alcole 2-feniletilico ITCH0934 Alcole allilico ITCH0491 Alcole amilico primario attivo ITCH0660 Alcole arachilico ITCH0661 Alcole beenilico ITCH0662 Alcole benzilico ITCH0037 Alcole cetilico ITCH0663 Alcole etilico ITCH0044 Alcole furfurilico ITCH0043 Alcole isoamilico ITCH0360 Alcole isopropilico ITCH0040 Alcole metilico ITCH0005 Alcole miristilico ITCH0666 Alcole n-amilico ITCH0437 Alcole n-dodecilico ITCH0664 Alcole n-nonilico ITCH0667 Alcole n-ottilico ITCH0492 Alcole n-undecilico ITCH0672 Alcole oleilico ITCH0670 Alcole polivinilico ITCH1379 Alcole propargilico ITCH1440 Alcole sec-amilico attivo ITCH1545 Alcole sec-ottilico ITCH0671 Alcole ter-amilico ITCH0436 Alcole ter-butilico ITCH0047 Alcole tetraidrofurfurilico ITCH0435 Aldeide anisica ITCH1126 Aldeide benzoica ITCH0121 Aldeide cinnamica ITCH1292 Aldeide formica 10% (v/v) sec. Lillie ITCH1806 Aldeide formica 10% tamponata ITCH0002 Aldeide formica 40% stabilizzata (neutralizzata) ITCH1864 Aldeide formica 40% stabilizzata ITCH0962 Aldeide glutarica 50% ITCH1428 Aldeide isobutirrica ITCH1547 Aldeide n-butirrica ITCH1356 Aldeide propionica ITCH0495 Aldeide salicilica ITCH1548 alfa-Bromoacetofenone ITCH0139 alfa-Cloronaftalene ITCH1616 alfa-Naftolbenzeina ITCH1378 alfa-Pinene ITCH1740 Alizarina solfosodica ITCH1498 Alizarina soluzione satura in alcole etilico ITCH0716 Alizarina ITCH1771 Allile bromuro ITCH0496 Alliltiourea ITCH1151 Allossana tetraidrato ITCH0674 Alluminio - Reattivo A ITCH1969 Alluminio - Reattivo B ITCH1970 Alluminio - Reattivo C ITCH1971 Alluminio 2-etilesanoato ITCH1813 Alluminio ammonio solfato ITCH1692 Alluminio cicloesilbutirrato ITCH0678 Alluminio cloruro anidro ITCH0119 Alluminio cloruro ITCH1223 Alluminio filo, scaglie ITCH1809 Alluminio fosfato tribasico ITCH0910 Alluminio idrossido ITCH0680 Alluminio isopropilato ITCH1305 Alluminio nitrato ITCH1066 Alluminio ossido ITCH0923 Alluminio polvere ITCH0095 Alluminio potassio solfato ITCH1067 Alluminio solfato ITCH0497 Alluminio soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0277 Alluminio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0697 Alluminio standard per ass. atomico ITCH1812 Alluminon ITCH1262 Amaranto ITCH0690 Amido solubile ITCH0979 Amidoschwarz B 10 ITCH0897 Ammoniaca - Reattivo A ITCH3001 Ammoniaca - Reattivo B ITCH3002 Ammoniaca anidra ITCH1810 Ammoniaca B.I. - Bianco ITCH1920 Ammoniaca B.I. - Reattivo A ITCH1917 Ammoniaca B.I. - Reattivo B ITCH1918 Ammoniaca B.I. - Reattivo C ITCH1919 Ammoniaca Nessler - Bianco ITCH1916 Ammoniaca Nessler - Reattivo A ITCH1914 Ammoniaca Nessler - Reattivo B ITCH1915 Ammoniaca soluzione da 20 a 10% ITCH1489 Ammoniaca soluzione da 30% a 25% ITCH0117 Ammonio acetato ITCH0500 Ammonio benzoato ITCH0696 Ammonio bicarbonato ITCH1202 Ammonio bicromato ITCH0309 Ammonio bifluoruro ITCH0317 Ammonio bisolfato ITCH1554 Ammonio bisolfito soluzione 70% in acqua ITCH0804 Ammonio bromuro ITCH0700 Ammonio carbammato ITCH1677 Ammonio carbonato soluzione 20% in acqua ITCH0802 Ammonio carbonato ITCH0505 Ammonio citrato bibasico ITCH0498 Ammonio citrato soluzione 20% in acqua ITCH0803 Ammonio cloruro soluzione 10% in acqua ITCH0801 Ammonio cloruro ITCH0116 Ammonio cromato ITCH0316 Ammonio fluoruro soluzione 40% in acqua ITCH0800 Ammonio fluoruro ITCH0318 Ammonio formiato ITCH0705 Ammonio fosfato bibasico ITCH0908 Ammonio fosfato monobasico ITCH1008 Ammonio fosfomolibdato ITCH1069 Ammonio ioduro ITCH0708 Ammonio L(+) e D(-)tartrato ITCH0865 Ammonio metavanadato ITCH0315 Ammonio molibdato soluzione 2,5% in acido nitrico ITCH0714 Ammonio molibdato soluzione 5% in acqua ITCH0715 Ammonio molibdato ITCH0304 Ammonio nitrato ITCH0314 Ammonio ossalato acido ITCH0311 Ammonio ossalato soluzione 4% in acqua ITCH0799 Ammonio ossalato ITCH0312 Ammonio reineckato ITCH1495 Ammonio solfammato ITCH0310 Ammonio solfato ITCH0115 Ammonio solfocianuro 0,1-1 mol/l ITCH0798 Ammonio solfocianuro ITCH0114 Ammonio solfuro soluzione 20% in acqua ITCH0797 Ammonio tiosolfato ITCH1297 Anetolo ITCH1678 Anidride acetica ITCH0113 Anidride borica ITCH0709 Anidride capronica ITCH0710 Anidride cromica soluzione in acqua ITCH1803 Anidride cromica ITCH0371 Anidride fosforica ITCH0112 Anidride ftalica ITCH0110 Anidride iodica ITCH1441 Anidride laurica ITCH0711 Anidride maleica ITCH0506 Anidride molibdica ITCH0372 Anidride pentafluoropropionica ITCH1824 Anidride propionica ITCH1536 Anidride succinica ITCH1557 Anidride trifluoroacetica ITCH0109 Anidride tungstica ITCH1071 Anilina cloridrato ITCH1442 Anilina solfato ITCH0054 Anilina ITCH0108 Anisolo ITCH0980 Antimonio ossicloruro ITCH1862 Antimonio polvere, pezzi ITCH0351 Antimonio potassio tartrato ITCH0357 Antimonio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0695 Antimonio standard per ass. atomico ITCH0694 Antimonio standard per ICP ITCH1814 Antimonio tricloruro ITCH0354 Antracene ITCH1402 Antrone ITCH0713 Arancio acridina ITCH0730 Arancio G ITCH1135 Arancio II ITCH1505 Arancio metile soluzione 0,1% in acqua ITCH0796 Arancio metile ITCH0107 Arancio xilenolo ITCH1250 Argento 2-etilesanoato ITCH1818 Argento acetato ITCH1393 Argento bromuro ITCH0731 Argento carbonato ITCH0732 Argento cicloesilbutirrato ITCH1817 Argento cloruro ITCH1676 Argento dietilditiocarbammato ITCH1516 Argento filo,polvere,granuli,lamina ITCH1041 Argento ioduro ITCH0736 Argento nitrato <5%, 0,1 mol/l, 0,01 mol/l NORMEX ITCH1042 Argento nitrato >10%,1 mol/l ITCH1043 Argento nitrato soluzione 10-5%, 0,1 mol/l NORMEX ITCH0793 Argento nitrato Superior 0,05N ITCH1958 Argento nitrato ITCH0106 Argento ossido ITCH1506 Argento solfato soluzione 0,7% in acido solforico ITCH0442 Argento solfato ITCH0105 Argento standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0693 Argento standard per ass. atomico ITCH0692 Argento standard per ICP ITCH1815 Argento su allumina ITCH1816 Arsenazo III ITCH1443 Arsenico soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0262 Arsenico triossido ITCH0336 Atropina solfato ITCH1074 Atropina ITCH1073 Auramina fenicata soluzione ITCH1444 Auramina O ITCH1559 Ausilab 101 ITCH1951 Ausilab 104 ITCH1952 Ausilab 201 ITCH1953 Ausilab 205 ITCH1954 Ausilab 208 ITCH1955 Ausilab 300 ITCH1956 Ausilab 306 ITCH1957 Azobenzene ITCH0939 Azoto totale - Bianco ITCH1925 Azoto totale - Reattivo A ITCH1921 Azoto totale - Reattivo B ITCH1922 Azoto totale - Reattivo C ITCH1923 Azoto totale - Reattivo D ITCH1924 Azzurro II eosina ITCH0791 Azzurro II ITCH0790 Balsamo del Canadà ITCH0628 Bario acetato ITCH0305 Bario carbonato ITCH0623 Bario cicloesilbutirrato ITCH1364 Bario citrato tribasico ITCH1369 Bario cloroanilato ITCH1327 Bario cloruro soluzione 0,14% in acqua ITCH1819 Bario cloruro soluzione 10% in acqua ITCH0789 Bario cloruro ITCH0031 Bario cromato ITCH1298 Bario idrossido soluzione 5% in acqua ITCH0788 Bario idrossido ITCH0306 Bario nitrato ITCH0759 Bario perclorato 0,05 mol/l ITCH1842 Bario perclorato triidrato ITCH0338 Bario perossido ITCH0319 Bario solfato ITCH0921 Bario soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0278 Bario standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0702 Bario standard per ass. atomico ITCH0701 Batocuproina solfonato sodico ITCH0749 Batocuproina ITCH0748 Batofenantrolina ITCH0750 Benedict reattivo ITCH1838 Benzalconio cloruro ITCH0718 Benzen-1,4-diammina dicloridrato ITCH1463 Benzene ITCH0001 Benzenesolfonile cloruro ITCH0933 Benzidrolo ITCH0751 Benzilammina ITCH1407 Benzilbutilftalato ITCH0755 Benzile acetato ITCH0758 Benzile benzoato ITCH0919 Benzile cloruro ITCH0147 Benzilisotiourea cloridrato ITCH0127 Benziltrietilammonio bromuro ITCH0761 Benziltrietilammonio cloruro ITCH1562 Benzina 60°-80°C, 55°-85°C ITCH1397 Benzina 65-95°C,80°-100°C-Ligroina 75-120°C,100-140°C ITCH0145 Benzofenone ITCH0762 Benzoile cloruro ITCH0144 Benzoino ITCH0767 Benzonitrile ITCH0510 Benzotricloruro ITCH1429 Berillio carbonato ITCH1431 Berillio standard per ICP ITCH1820 Berillio ITCH0358 Bettendorf reattivo soluzione in acido cloridrico ITCH0719 Bifenile ITCH1563 Bis(2-etilesil)fosfato ITCH1565 Bis(4-idrossi-N-metilanilinio) solfato ITCH1293 Bismuto carbonato basico ITCH0780 Bismuto nitrato basico ITCH0407 Bismuto nitrato ITCH0946 Bismuto standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0572 Bismuto standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0609 Bismuto standard per ICP ITCH1821 Bismuto tricloruro ITCH1504 Bismuto triioduro ITCH0781 Bismuto triossido ITCH0142 Bismuto ITCH0778 Bispirazolone ITCH0775 Biureto ITCH0784 Blu alcali 6B soluzione 2% in alcole etilico ITCH0573 Blu alcali 6B ITCH1046 Blu Alcian 8GX ITCH0276 Blu anilina solubile in acqua ITCH1501 Blu anilina solubile in alcole ITCH1507 Blu bromofenolo soluzione 0,02% ITCH1686 Blu bromofenolo soluzione 0,4% in alcole etilico ITCH0720 Blu bromofenolo ITCH0930 Blu bromotimolo soluzione 0,02% ITCH1687 Blu bromotimolo soluzione 0,4% in alcole etilico ITCH0721 Blu bromotimolo ITCH0931 Blu Coomassie R250 ITCH1573 Blu cresile brillante ITCH1403 Blu disulfina VN ITCH0961 Blu lattofenolo soluzione ITCH1446 Blu metile ITCH1253 Blu metilene fenicato soluzione idroalcolica ITCH1577 Blu metilene soluzione 1% in alcole etilico ITCH0649 Blu metilene soluzione satura in alcole etilico ITCH0574 Blu metilene ITCH0146 Blu metilene-eosina ITCH1576 Blu metiltimolo sale sodico ITCH1158 Blu Nilo A ITCH1351 Blu nitro tetrazolio ITCH1578 Blu Oracet B ITCH1825 Blu tetrazolo ITCH1580 Blu timolo sale sodico ITCH0785 Blu timolo soluzione 0,4% in alcole etilico ITCH0722 Blu timolo ITCH1047 Blu toluidina fenicato ITCH1503 Blu toluidina ITCH1270 Blu Tripano ITCH1235 Blu Vittoria ITCH0787 Boro - Reattivo A ITCH1972 Boro - Reattivo B ITCH1973 Boro - Reattivo C ITCH1974 Boro soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0300 Boro standard per ass. atomico ITCH0687 Boro standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0688 Boro trifluoruro etere etilico ITCH0141 Boro trifluoruro soluzione 10% in alcole metilico ITCH0443 Boro ITCH0823 Bromo ITCH0140 Bromobenzene ITCH1586 Bromodiclorometano ITCH1447 Bromoformio ITCH0438 Brucina idrata ITCH0138 Brucina solfato ITCH1007 Bruno Bismarck R ITCH1413 But-1-ene ITCH0018 Butan-1,3-diolo ITCH0834 Butan-1-olo ITCH0050 Butan-2,3-diolo ITCH0836 Butan-2-olo ITCH0048 Butano ITCH0055 Butile idrossitoluene ITCH1115 Butile metacrilato ITCH0118 C.O.D. - Bianco ITCH1930 C.O.D. 1000-15000 mg/l ITCH1871 C.O.D. 100-1500 mg/l ITCH1869 C.O.D. 10-160 mg/l ITCH1870 Cacotelina ITCH1360 Cadion ITCH0837 Cadmio - Reattivo A ITCH1926 Cadmio - Reattivo B ITCH1927 Cadmio - Reattivo C ITCH1928 Cadmio acetato ITCH1175 Cadmio barrette ITCH0373 Cadmio bromuro ITCH1698 Cadmio carbonato ITCH1599 Cadmio cicloesilbutirrato ITCH0838 Cadmio cloruro biidrato ITCH0130 Cadmio cloruro monoidrato ITCH1883 Cadmio ioduro ITCH1251 Cadmio nitrato ITCH0375 Cadmio ossido ITCH0511 Cadmio solfato ITCH0129 Cadmio soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0279 Cadmio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0575 Cadmio standard per ass. atomico ITCH0686 Cadmio, Cloruri e Fenoli - Bianco ITCH1929 Caffeina anidra ITCH1028 Caffeina sodio benzoato ITCH0786 Calce sodata ITCH0374 Calcio - Indicatore ITCH1894 Calcio - Reattivo A ITCH1975 Calcio - Reattivo B ITCH1976 Calcio - Reattivo C ITCH1977 Calcio - Tampone ITCH1895 Calcio 2-etilesanoato ITCH0841 Calcio acetato ITCH1800 Calcio bromuro ITCH0839 Calcio carbonato ITCH0513 Calcio cloruro biidrato, esaidrato ITCH1136 Calcio cloruro secco,fuso,granulare,polvere ITCH0126 Calcio cloruro soluzione 0,025% in acqua ITCH1832 Calcio fluoruro ITCH1206 Calcio formiato ITCH1382 Calcio fosfato bibasico biidrato ITCH1076 Calcio fosfato monobasico ITCH0177 Calcio fosfato tribasico ITCH0845 Calcio glicerofosfato ITCH0846 Calcio granulare ITCH0403 Calcio idrossido ITCH0125 Calcio ioduro ITCH1383 Calcio ipofosfito ITCH0847 Calcio nitrato ITCH0635 Calcio ossalato ITCH1316 Calcio ossido ITCH0404 Calcio pantotenato ITCH0850 Calcio propionato ITCH0852 Calcio solfato biidrato ITCH0883 Calcio standard per ass. atomico ITCH0685 Calcio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0576 Calcio standard per ICP ITCH1831 Calcio stearato ITCH0704 Calcone ITCH0853 Calmagite ITCH0858 Canfora naturale,canfora sintetica ITCH0133 Carbazolo ITCH1494 Carbone vegetale polvere, carbone decolorante ITCH0124 Carbonio solfuro ITCH1675 Carbonio tetracloruro ITCH0004 Carborundo ITCH0861 Carminio indaco secco ITCH1031 Carminio ITCH0862 Celloidina 8% soluzione eteroalcolica ITCH0577 Cellulosa ITCH0866 Cerio ammonio nitrato ico ITCH0149 Cerio nitrato oso ITCH1257 Cerio ossido ITCH0868 Cerio solfato ico 0,1 mol/l ITCH0783 Cerio solfato ico ITCH1048 Cerio standard per ICP ITCH1833 Cesio carbonato ITCH0870 Cesio cloruro ITCH0871 Cesio solfato ITCH0879 Cesio standard per ICP ITCH1834 Chinidina solfato ITCH1022 Chinidrone ITCH1078 Chinina base anidra ITCH1130 Chinolina ITCH1408 Chinone ITCH1278 Cianogeno bromuro ITCH1604 Cianuri - Reattivo A ITCH3021 Cianuri - Reattivo B ITCH3022 Cianuri - Reattivo C ITCH3003 Cicloesano ITCH0077 Cicloesanolo ITCH0045 Cicloesanone ITCH0017 Cicloesene ITCH0148 Cicloesilammina ITCH1207 Ciclopentano ITCH1606 Ciclopentene ITCH1602 Cinconina ITCH0885 cis-1,2-Dimetilcicloesano ITCH1648 Citrale ITCH1608 Cloralio idrato ITCH1370 Cloramfenicolo ITCH0894 Cloramina T sale sodico ITCH0514 Cloranile ITCH1609 Cloridrina etilenica ITCH0268 Cloro - Reattivo A ITCH3004 Cloro biossido - Reattivo A ITCH1907 Cloro biossido - Reattivo B ITCH1908 Cloro biossido - Reattivo C ITCH1909 Cloro DPD - Reattivo A ITCH1978 Cloro DPD - Reattivo B ITCH1979 Cloro DPD - Reattivo C ITCH1980 Cloro dpd 1 - Reattivo ITCH3005 Cloro dpd 2 - Reattivo ITCH3023 Cloro dpd e pH - Indicatore ITCH3006 Cloroacetammide ITCH1448 Cloroacetone ITCH1611 Cloroacetonitrile ITCH1449 Clorobenzene ITCH0165 Clorobutanolo ITCH0518 Cloroetilammina cloridrato ITCH1614 Clorofilla solubile in acqua ed alcole ITCH0756 Clorofilla solubile in olii e grassi ITCH0625 Cloroformio ITCH0219 Clorometildimetilclorosilano ITCH1615 Cloruri - Indicatore ITCH1896 Cloruri - Reattivo A ITCH3007 Cloruri - Reattivo B ITCH3008 Cloruri - Tampone ITCH1897 Cloruri - Titolante ITCH1898 Cobalto acetato oso ITCH0899 Cobalto ammonio solfato oso ITCH1166 Cobalto carbonato basico oso ITCH1167 Cobalto cicloesilbutirrato oso ITCH1365 Cobalto cloruro oso ITCH0876 Cobalto nitrato oso ITCH0698 Cobalto ossido nero ITCH0987 Cobalto polvere ITCH0160 Cobalto solfato oso ITCH0391 Cobalto standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0684 Cobalto standard per ass. atomico ITCH0683 Cobalto standard per ICP ITCH1835 Colesterolo ITCH0898 Colina cloruro ITCH0900 Collante rosso ITCH5013 Collante tetramec ITCH5012 Collante verde ITCH5014 Collodio 5% ITCH0444 Creatina ITCH1836 Creatinina ITCH0909 Crisoidina Y ITCH0915 Cromati - Reattivo A ITCH3024 Cromati - Reattivo B ITCH3025 Cromati - Reattivo C ITCH1931 Cromati - Reattivo C ITCH3036 Cromazurol S ITCH1243 Cromo acetato ico ITCH0234 Cromo cloruro ico ITCH1176 Cromo nitrato ico ITCH1177 Cromo sesquiossido ITCH0212 Cromo soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0265 Cromo standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0578 Cromo standard per ass. atomico ITCH0682 Cromo(III)-acetilacetonato ITCH1626 Cromo ITCH0918 Cromotropo 2R ITCH1865 Crotonaldeide ITCH0494 Cumarina ITCH1119 Cupferron ITCH0920 Cuprietilendiammina ITCH0445 Curcumina ITCH0922 D(-)Fruttosio ITCH1060 D(-)-p-Nitro-1-fenil-2-ammino-1,3-propandiolo ITCH1265 D(-)Ribosio ITCH1366 D(+)Glucosio anidro ITCH0534 D(+)Glucosio monoidrato ITCH0658 D(+)Mannosio ITCH1168 D(+)Xilosio ITCH0637 D,L-Metionina ITCH1230 D-Arabinosio ITCH0717 Decaidronaftalene ITCH0075 Decene-1 ITCH1631 DEHA - Reattivo A ITCH1910 DEHA - Reattivo B ITCH1911 Deniges reattivo ITCH0723 Dequest 2041 ITCH1306 d-Gluconolattone ITCH1083 Diacetildiossima 1% in alcole etilico ITCH0579 Diacetildiossima sale sodico ITCH1051 Diacetildiossima ITCH1050 Diacetile ITCH1632 Diacetilmonossima ITCH0924 Diacetina ITCH0925 Diacetonalcole ITCH0046 di-Antimonio triossido ITCH0353 Dibenzoile perossido ITCH0143 Dibenzoile ITCH1635 Dibenzoilmetano ITCH0927 Dibutilftalato ITCH0161 Diclorometano ITCH0082 Dietanolammina ITCH0153 Dietilammina cloridrato ITCH1638 Dietilammina ITCH0152 Dietilammonio N,N-dietilditiocarbammato ITCH0938 Dietilbromomalonato ITCH1639 Dietilcarbonato ITCH0157 Dietile ossalato ITCH0521 Dietilenglicole ITCH0324 Dietiletere ITCH0220 Dietilftalato ITCH0944 Dietilmalonato ITCH0945 Dietilsolfato ITCH0522 Difenilammina ITCH1131 Differenziatore per kit Gram-Hucker ITCH1641 Digitonina ITCH1025 Diidropirano ITCH1139 Diisodecilftalato ITCH0950 Diisopropilammina ITCH1656 di-Isopropiletere ITCH0428 Dimedone ITCH0953 di-Mercurio dicloruro ITCH0346 Dimetilammina cloridrato ITCH0959 Dimetildiclorosilano ITCH0162 Dimetile adipato ITCH0964 Dimetile glutarato ITCH0965 Dimetile malonato ITCH0968 Dimetile succinato ITCH0970 Dimetilsolfossido ITCH0523 Dimidio bromuro ITCH0642 Diottile ftalato ITCH1152 Dipivaloilmetano ITCH1658 Dipropilammina ITCH1659 di-Tallio solfato ITCH1481 Ditioossamide ITCH0975 DL-alanina ITCH0645 DL-Valina ITCH1650 D-Mannitolo ITCH0644 Dodecano ITCH9034 Dulcite ITCH0986 Durezza - Indicatore e Durezza Reattivo A ITCH1893 Durezza e Calcio - Titolante ITCH1892 Ehrlich reattivo ITCH0724 Eliotropina ITCH0989 Emallume reattivo soluzione secondo Carazzi ITCH1868 Emallume reattivo soluzione secondo Mayer ITCH0937 Ematossilina soluzione ITCH1660 Ematossilina ITCH1150 Eosina B ITCH1404 Eosina etile ITCH1405 Eosina Y ITCH0653 Epicloridrina ITCH0169 Eptafluorobutirrile cloruro ITCH1700 Eptafluorobutirrilpivaloilmetano ITCH0990 Eriocromocianina R ITCH0998 Eritrosina extra B ITCH1033 Esametildisilano ITCH0184 Esametildisilazano ITCH0365 Esametildisilossano ITCH1684 Esametilenimmina ITCH1458 Esametilentetrammina ITCH1020 Esbach reattivo ITCH0580 Esilammina ITCH1004 Etano esacloro ITCH1210 Etanolammina ITCH0170 Etere corona dicicloesil 18-6 ITCH1005 Etere di petrolio 30-40°C, 30-50°C, 40-60°C, 40-70°c ITCH0180 Etere etilvinilico ITCH0060 Etere n-butilico ITCH1421 Etidio bromuro ITCH1706 Etilale ITCH0892 Etilammina cloridrato ITCH1006 Etilammina soluzione da 70 a 33% in acqua ITCH0779 Etilammina ITCH0869 Etilbenzene ITCH0168 Etilcicloesano ITCH1009 Etile acetato ITCH0024 Etile acetoacetato ITCH0926 Etile benzoato ITCH1010 Etile bromoacetato ITCH1300 Etile bromuro ITCH0524 Etile cianacetato ITCH1461 Etile cloroacetato ITCH1419 Etile cloroformiato ITCH0171 Etile formiato ITCH1133 Etile ioduro ITCH1211 Etile oleato ITCH1011 Etile p-amminobenzoato ITCH1021 Etile propionato ITCH1707 Etilendiammina bicloridrato ITCH1013 Etilendiammina idrata ITCH1165 Etilendiammina ITCH0629 Etilene carbonato ITCH1014 Eugenolo ITCH1075 Eukitt ITCH1418 Europio tris(1,1,1,2,2,3,4-eptafluoro-7,7-dimetil-4,6-ottandionato) ITCH1016 Europio tris(dipivaloilmetanoato) ITCH1015 Europio tris[(3-trifluorometilidrossimetilen)-d-canforato] ITCH1018 Fabris-Villavecchia reattivo soluzione A ITCH0725 Fabris-Villavecchia reattivo soluzione B ITCH0726 Fehling reattivo soluzione A ITCH0163 Fehling reattivo soluzione B ITCH0447 Fenantrene ITCH0981 Fenazone ITCH1019 Fenilacetonitrile ITCH0175 Fenile acetato ITCH0179 Fenile isocianato ITCH1273 Fenile isotiocianato ITCH1277 Fenile salicilato ITCH1030 Feniletilchetone ITCH1032 Fenilfluorone ITCH1037 Fenilidrazina cloridrato ITCH1464 Fenilidrazina soluzione ITCH0260 Fenilmetilsolfonilefluoruro ITCH1711 Feniltiourea ITCH1269 Fenolftaleina 1% ITCH0448 Fenolftaleina ITCH0526 Fenoli - Reattivo A ITCH1932 Fenoli - Reattivo B ITCH1933 Fenoli - Reattivo C ITCH1934 Fenolo liquido 85% ITCH0187 Fenolo ITCH0006 Ferro - Reattivo A ITCH3009 Ferro ammonio citrato ico ITCH1044 Ferro ammonio ossalato ico ITCH0985 Ferro ammonio solfato ico soluzione 33% in acido nitrico ITCH0583 Ferro ammonio solfato ico ITCH0029 Ferro ammonio solfato oso ITCH0640 Ferro cloruro ico anidro sublimato ITCH0182 Ferro cloruro ico soluzione 4,5% in acqua ITCH0777 Ferro cloruro ico ITCH1173 Ferro cloruro oso ITCH0527 Ferro filo, polvere ITCH1040 Ferro low - Reattivo A e Bianco / Ferro high - Bianco ITCH1935 Ferro low - Reattivo B / Ferro high - Reattivo A ITCH1936 Ferro nitrato ico ITCH0651 Ferro ossalato oso ITCH0528 Ferro ossido ico ITCH1049 Ferro perclorato ITCH1179 Ferro solfato ico ITCH0530 Ferro solfato oso ITCH0529 Ferro solfuro cilindri ITCH1122 Ferro soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0280 Ferro standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0581 Ferro standard per ass. atomico ITCH0681 Ferro(III) benzoilacetonato ITCH1045 Ferrocene ITCH1052 Floroglucina ITCH1134 Floxina B ITCH1054 Fluoresceina acida ITCH0531 Fluoresceina sodica ITCH0167 Fluorobenzene ITCH1712 Fluoroexone ITCH1058 Folin-Ciocalteu reattivo ITCH0582 Formaldossima cloridrato ITCH1772 Formammide ITCH0173 Fosfati - Reattivo A ITCH3010 Fosfati - Reattivo B ITCH3011 Fosfati high - Reattivo A ITCH3012 Fosfati high - Reattivo B ITCH3013 Fosforile tricloruro ITCH0166 Fosforo pentasolfuro ITCH1258 Fosforo rosso amorfo ITCH1034 Fosforo totale low - Reattivo C ITCH1937 Fosforo tribromuro ITCH1713 Fosforo tricloruro ITCH1714 Ftalimmide ITCH1070 Fucsina acida ITCH0532 Fucsina basica ITCH0533 Furano ITCH1162 Gel di silice con indicatore esente da cobalto ITCH0176 Gel di silice granulare con indicatore ITCH0003 Gel di silice granulare ITCH0217 Gelatina ITCH1077 Giallo alizarina R ITCH1121 Giallo Clayton ITCH1216 Giallo metanile ITCH1688 Giallo metile ITCH1350 Giallo naftolo S ITCH1303 Giallo Sudan ITCH0940 Giemsa reattivo ITCH0449 Girard P reattivo ITCH1079 Girard T reattivo ITCH1081 Glicerina ITCH0181 Glicocolla ITCH0631 Glicol dietilenico dimetiletere ITCH0325 Glicol dietilenico monoetiletere ITCH0056 Glicol etilenico ITCH0034 Glicol propilenico ITCH0052 Glicole trietilenico ITCH0323 Gliossale bis(2-idrossianile) ITCH1082 Gliossale soluzione 40% ITCH1715 Gomma arabica ITCH1092 Gowers reattivo ITCH0727 Grafite ITCH1095 Gram II reattivo ITCH0728 Griess reattivo ITCH0450 Grob miscela test 1 ITCH1685 Grob miscela test 2 ITCH1774 Guaiacolo ITCH1499 Guanidinio cloruro ITCH1142 Hanus reattivo ITCH0451 Hayem reattivo ITCH0729 Histolemon Erba ITCH0274 Histovitrex Erba ITCH0584 Hyamine 1622 soluzione ~=0,004M ITCH0773 Hyamine 1622 ITCH1080 Hyamine idrossido 10X soluzione in alcole metilico ITCH0657 Idrazina - Reattivo A ITCH3014 Idrazina dicloridrato ITCH1001 Idrazina monoidrato-idrazina 55% ITCH0624 Idrazina solfato ITCH0439 Idrazina soluzione 15% in acqua ITCH1000 Idrindantina ITCH1096 Idrochinone ITCH0273 Idrossilammina cloridrato ITCH0535 Idrossilammina solfato ITCH1716 Imidazolo ITCH1717 Indaco soluzione 1,5% in acido solforico ITCH0734 Indaco ITCH1053 Indicatore per azoto ammoniacale soluzione ITCH0585 Indicatore universale pH 0÷5 soluzione idroalcolica ITCH0586 Indicatore universale pH 1÷11 soluzione idroalcolica ITCH0452 Indicatore universale pH 1÷11 soluzione in acqua ITCH0589 Indicatore universale pH 4÷10 soluzione idroalcolica ITCH0587 Indicatore universale pH 9÷13 soluzione idroalcolica ITCH0588 Indofenolo sale sodico ITCH1238 Indolo ITCH1239 Inositolo ITCH1097 Inulina ITCH1098 Iodio 0,05 mol/l NORMEX ITCH0983 Iodio 0,5 mol/l, 0,05 mol/l e 0,005 NORMEX ITCH0771 Iodio bromuro ITCH1154 Iodio cloruro ITCH1411 Iodio tricloruro ITCH1412 Iodio ITCH0188 Iodobenzene ITCH1718 Iodoformio ITCH1295 Iridio tricloruro ITCH1102 Iridio ITCH1101 Isatina ITCH1106 Isobutanolo ITCH0049 Isobutilbenzene ITCH0271 Isobutile acetato ITCH0066 Isoforone ITCH0062 Isonicotinilidrazide ITCH0270 Isoottano ITCH0027 Isopentano ITCH1749 Isopentile acetato ITCH0299 Isopentile formiato ITCH1110 Isoprene ITCH1720 Isopropenile acetato ITCH1721 Isopropilammina ITCH0189 Isopropilbenzene ITCH0076 Isopropile acetato ITCH1313 Istamina bicloridrato ITCH1490 Itterbio tris(1,1,1,2,2,3,3-eptafluoro-7,7-dimetil-4,6-ottandionato) ITCH1111 Ittrio ossido ITCH1112 Karl Fischer reagente 5mg/ml ITCH1844 Karl Fischer reattivo ITCH0269 Karl Fischer solvente ITCH1845 Karl Fischer standard 5mg/ml ITCH1410 Karl Fischer-Reagente volumetrico 5mg/ml ITCH1804 Körbl catalizzatore ITCH0707 L(-)Cistina ITCH0891 L(-)Fenilalanina ITCH1026 L(-)Prolina ITCH1362 L(-)Sorbosio ITCH1555 L(-)Tirosina ITCH1585 L(-)Triptofano ITCH1633 L(+)Arginina monocloridrato ITCH0745 L(+)Arginina ITCH0743 L(+)Citrullina ITCH0893 L(+)Isoleucina ITCH1108 L(+)Leucina ITCH1118 L(+)Lisina monocloridrato ITCH1120 Lantanio nitrato ITCH0128 Lantanio ossido ITCH1324 Lantanio standard per ICP ITCH1837 Lattofenolo d'Amman soluzione ITCH1485 Lattosio ITCH0536 L-Cisteina ITCH0890 Lega Devarda polvere ITCH0453 Lega Raney polvere ITCH0205 Lega Wood ITCH1900 Lemonvitrex Erba ITCH0733 Liquido di Bouin ITCH0951 L-Istidina monocloridrato ITCH1424 Litio acetato biidrato ITCH0988 Litio alluminio deuteruro ITCH1132 Litio alluminio idruro ITCH0768 Litio carbonato ITCH0267 Litio cicloesilbutirrato ITCH1137 Litio cloruro ITCH0641 Litio idrossido anidro ITCH0359 Litio idruro ITCH1248 Litio metilato 0,1 mol/l ITCH0591 Litio nitrato ITCH0655 Litio solfato ITCH1508 Litio standard per ass. atomico ITCH1779 Litio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0590 Litio standard per ICP ITCH1839 Litio tetraborato anidro ITCH0648 L-Mentolo ITCH1169 L-Metionina ITCH1219 L-Ornitina monocloridrato ITCH1283 L-Treonina ITCH1605 Lugol reattivo ITCH0454 Luminol ITCH1722 Magnesio carbonato basico ITCH0190 Magnesio cicloesilbutirrato ITCH1380 Magnesio citrato bibasico ITCH1138 Magnesio cloruro ITCH0887 Magnesio DL-aspartato acido tetraidrato ITCH1416 Magnesio idrossido ITCH1145 Magnesio nastro, torniture ITCH1855 Magnesio nitrato ITCH0888 Magnesio ossido ITCH0192 Magnesio perclorato ITCH0395 Magnesio perossido ITCH1002 Magnesio polvere ITCH1099 Magnesio solfato ITCH0266 Magnesio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0592 Magnesio standard per ass. atomico ITCH1841 Magnesio standard per ICP ITCH1840 Magnesio stearato ITCH1091 Magnesio tiosolfato ITCH1492 Magneson I ITCH1827 Magneson II ITCH1155 Malononitrile ITCH1455 m-Amminofenolo ITCH1551 Manganese - Reattivo A ITCH1938 Manganese - Reattivo A ITCH3015 Manganese - Reattivo B ITCH1939 Manganese - Reattivo B ITCH3016 Manganese - Reattivo C ITCH1940 Manganese - Reattivo C ITCH3017 Manganese biossido ITCH0397 Manganese carbonato oso ITCH1161 Manganese cicloesilbutirrato oso ITCH1164 Manganese cloruro oso ITCH0396 Manganese solfato oso monoidrato ITCH0193 Manganese soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0281 Manganese standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0679 Manganese standard per ass. atomico ITCH1775 Manganese, Nichel, Nitriti, Rame, Tensioattivi Anionici e Cationici - Bianco ITCH1941 Manganese ITCH1159 m-Anisidina ITCH0508 May Grünwald reattivo ITCH0455 Mayer reattivo soluzione in acqua ITCH0593 m-Cloroanilina ITCH0516 m-Clorotoluene ITCH1619 m-Cresolo ITCH1189 m-Diclorobenzolo ITCH1637 m-Dinitrobenzene ITCH1456 Mechinolo ITCH1457 Mercurio acetato ico ITCH0348 Mercurio acetato oso ITCH1465 Mercurio bromuro ico ITCH0347 Mercurio cianuro ico ITCH1466 Mercurio cloramiduro ITCH0337 Mercurio cloroanilato ITCH1467 Mercurio dicloruro soluzione 5% in acqua ITCH0765 Mercurio dicloruro ITCH0032 Mercurio ioduro ico ITCH0345 Mercurio nitrato ico ITCH0344 Mercurio nitrato oso ITCH0356 Mercurio ossido giallo/rosso ITCH0343 Mercurio perclorato 0,01 mol/l ITCH0342 Mercurio solfato ico ITCH0035 Mercurio solfato oso ITCH0340 Mercurio solfocianuro ITCH0341 Mercurio solfuro naturale ITCH1170 Mercurio soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0282 Mercurio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0677 Mercurio standard per ass. atomico ITCH0676 Mercurio ITCH0349 Mesitile ossido ITCH0073 Mesitilene ITCH0186 Metil isopropilchetone ITCH1728 Metil n-propilchetone ITCH1729 Metilammina cloridrato ITCH1171 Metilammina soluzione 40% in acqua ITCH0764 Metilammina ITCH0264 Metilcicloesano ITCH1315 Metilciclopentano ITCH1726 Metile acetato ITCH0070 Metile arachidato ITCH1172 Metile beenato ITCH1178 Metile benzoato ITCH1325 Metile caprilato ITCH1184 Metile caprinato ITCH1185 Metile capronato ITCH1186 Metile dodecilbenzensolfonato ITCH1188 Metile elaidinato ITCH1190 Metile eptadecanoato ITCH1191 Metile formiato ITCH1727 Metile ioduro ITCH0263 Metile isobutilcarbinolo ITCH0042 Metile isobutilchetone ITCH0020 Metile isotiocianato ITCH1468 Metile isovalerianato ITCH1196 Metile laurato ITCH1197 Metile metacrilato ITCH0103 Metile n-butirrato ITCH1109 Metile pelargonato ITCH1198 Metile pentadecilato ITCH1199 Metile p-ossibenzoato ITCH0203 Metile propionato ITCH0159 Metile salicilato ITCH1254 Metile tridecanoato ITCH1201 Metile undecanoato ITCH1204 Metile valerianato ITCH1205 Metilene ioduro ITCH1314 Metiletilchetone ITCH0038 Metilmercurio cloruro ITCH0350 Metilporpora soluzione ITCH0956 Metiltricaprilammonio cloruro ITCH1218 Metiltriclorosilano ITCH0630 Metilurea ITCH1730 m-Fenilendiammina dicloridrato ITCH1462 Miscela acida 4-1 ITCH1017 Miscela acida 6,1-4,1 ITCH0408 Miscela acida 7,4-1 ITCH1882 Miscela acido nitrico/acido fluoridrico ITCH1012 Miscela alcole-etere ITCH0763 Miscela attacco MESA ITCH1398 Miscela BMR ITCH1802 Miscela controllo saldature imballi ITCH1848 Miscela cromica ITCH0456 Miscela Eschka ITCH0864 Miscela fosfonica ITCH1308 Miscela fosfonitrica ITCH0464 Miscela selenica ITCH1208 m-Nitroanilina ITCH1469 m-Nitrobenzaldeide ITCH1247 m-Nitrofenolo ITCH1737 m-Nitrotoluolo ITCH1471 Molibdeno standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0675 Morfolina ITCH0197 Morina ITCH1385 m-Toluidina ITCH0562 Multielemento MS/4 ITCH0235 Multielemento MS/6 ITCH0257 Muresside ITCH0859 m-Xilene ITCH0250 N-(1-Naftil)etilendiammina dicloridrato ITCH0913 N,N,N',N'-Tetrametil-4,4'-diamminodifenilmetano ITCH1367 N,N,N',N'-Tetrametiletilendiammina ITCH1756 N,N,N',N'-Tetrametil-p-fenilendiammina bicloridrato ITCH1242 N,N'-Bis(trimetilsilil)urea ITCH0150 N,N-Carbonildiimidazolo ITCH1601 N,N'-Dicicloesilcarbodiimmide ITCH1484 N,N-Dietilacetammide ITCH0936 N,N-Dimetilacetammide ITCH0656 N,N-Dimetilanilina ITCH1064 N,N-Dimetilformammide dimetilacetale ITCH1651 N,N-Dimetilformammide ITCH0019 N,O-Bis(trimetilsilil)acetammide ITCH1567 N,O-Bis(trimetilsilil)trifluoroacetammide ITCH0776 N-Acetilimidazolo ITCH0329 N-Acetil-L-cisteina ITCH0327 Naftalene ITCH0539 Naftoresorcina ITCH1237 N-Benzoile-N-fenilidrossilammina ITCH0766 N-Bromosuccinimmide ITCH0832 n-Butilammina ITCH1589 n-Butilbenzene ITCH1510 n-Butile acetato ITCH0067 n-Butile bromuro ITCH1594 n-Butile cloruro ITCH1595 n-Butile metacrilato ITCH1597 n-Decano ITCH1630 n-Docosano ITCH0976 n-Dodecene ITCH0977 n-Dodecilbenzene ITCH0982 Neocuproina cloridrato ITCH1296 Neocuproina ITCH1157 Neotorin ITCH1482 n-Eptadecano ITCH1371 n-Eptano ITCH0025 n-Eptene-1 ITCH1705 n-Eptilbenzene ITCH0991 Nero eriocromo T ITCH0928 Nero Sudan B ITCH1683 n-Esano ITCH0023 n-Esene-1 ITCH1702 Nessler reattivo soluzione A ITCH0457 Nessler reattivo soluzione B ITCH0458 Nessler reattivo soluzione unica ITCH0650 Nichel - Reattivo A ITCH1942 Nichel - Reattivo A ITCH3018 Nichel - Reattivo B ITCH1943 Nichel - Reattivo B ITCH3026 Nichel - Reattivo C ITCH1944 Nichel - Reattivo C ITCH3027 Nichel acetato oso ITCH0401 Nichel ammonio solfato oso ITCH1090 Nichel cicloesilbutirrato ITCH1731 Nichel cloruro oso ITCH0757 Nichel filo, lamina, polvere ITCH1089 Nichel monossido ITCH1087 Nichel nitrato oso ITCH0967 Nichel solfato ITCH0402 Nichel soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0321 Nichel standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0594 Nichel standard per ass. atomico ITCH0673 Nichel(II) carbonato basico ITCH0857 Nicotinammide ITCH1244 Nigrosina ITCH0155 Ninidrina ITCH0542 Nitrati - Reattivo A ITCH3019 Nitrati low - Bianco ITCH1949 Nitrati low - Reattivo A ITCH1945 Nitrati low - Reattivo B ITCH1946 Nitrati low - Reattivo C ITCH1947 Nitrati low - Reattivo D ITCH1948 Nitriti - Reattivo A ITCH3020 Nitrobenzene ITCH0084 Nitrobenzenesolfenile cloruro ITCH1255 Nitroetano ITCH1736 Nitrometano-d3 ITCH0120 Nitron ITCH1271 N-Metile-2,2,2-trifluoroacetammide ITCH1829 N-Metile-2-pirrolidone ITCH0064 N-Metil-N-trimetilsililtrifluoroacetammide ITCH1203 n-Nonadecano ITCH1272 n-Nonano ITCH1279 Nonilfenolo etossilato 10ETO ITCH1392 n-Ottadecano ITCH1287 n-Ottadecene-1 ITCH1288 n-Ottano ITCH0074 n-Ottene-1 ITCH1743 n-Pentadecano ITCH1400 n-Pentano ITCH0030 n-Pentene-1 ITCH1401 n-Propilbenzene ITCH1511 n-Propilcicloesano ITCH0132 n-Tetracosano ITCH1575 n-Tributilammina ITCH0245 N-Trimetilsililacetammide ITCH1759 N-Trimetilsilildietilammina ITCH1760 N-Trimetilsililimidazolo ITCH1761 n-Undecano ITCH1647 o-Amminofenolo ITCH1550 o-Anisidina ITCH0507 o-Clorobenzaldeide ITCH1088 o-Clorofenolo ITCH0643 o-Clorotoluene ITCH1618 o-Cresolo ITCH0889 o-Diclorobenzolo ITCH0886 o-Fenantrolina ITCH0567 o-Fenantrolina-Ferro solfato oso soluzione in acido solforico ITCH0622 o-Fenilendiammina dicloridrato ITCH1144 o-Ftalaldeide ITCH1065 Olio di immersione ITCH0860 Olio di legno cedro condensato ITCH0639 Olio di ricino ITCH1689 Olio di trementina etereo ITCH0086 Olio di vaselina ITCH0545 Olmio ossido ITCH1281 o-Nitroanilina ITCH1470 o-Nitrofenolo ITCH1240 o-Ossibifenile ITCH1285 Orceina ITCH1282 Oro standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0596 Oro standard per ass. atomico ITCH1880 Oro tricloruro acido ITCH0471 Osmio tetrossido ITCH0633 Ossalile cloruro ITCH0272 Ossammide ITCH1284 Ossigeno - Reattivo A ITCH1899 Ossigeno - Reattivo B ITCH1901 Ossigeno - Reattivo C ITCH1902 Ossigeno - Titolante ITCH1904 Ossigeno e Solfiti - Indicatore ITCH1903 o-Tolidina soluzione acquosa 0,1% ITCH0821 Ottacosano ITCH1286 Ottadeciltriclorosilano ITCH1739 Ottafenilciclotetrasilossano ITCH1289 o-Xilene ITCH0249 p-Acetilamminofenolo ITCH0974 p-Acetilfenetidina ITCH1113 Palladio cloruro oso ITCH1214 Palladio ITCH1291 p-Amminofenolo ITCH1552 Pancreatina ITCH1301 p-Anisidina ITCH0123 Papanicolaou Ematossilina soluzione ITCH0620 Papanicolaou soluzione EA 50 ITCH0460 Papanicolaou soluzione OG 6 ITCH0459 Papaverina cloridrato ITCH1309 Paraffina ITCH0546 Paraformaldeide ITCH0196 p-Bromoanilina ITCH1117 p-Bromofenacile bromuro ITCH1587 p-Bromotoluene ITCH1588 p-Cimene ITCH0134 p-Cloroacetanilide ITCH1610 p-Cloroanilina ITCH0517 p-Clorobenzaldeide ITCH1612 p-Clorobenzile cloruro ITCH1613 p-Cloronitrobenzene ITCH1452 p-Clorotoluene ITCH1620 p-Cresolo ITCH1453 p-Diclorobenzolo ITCH0519 p-Dimetilamminobenzaldeide ITCH0172 p-Dimetilamminobenzalrodanina ITCH1657 Pentacloroetano ITCH1459 Pentafluorobenzile bromuro ITCH1317 Pentile acetato ITCH0065 Pepsina HCl ITCH1105 Perossido di idrogeno soluzione 3-3,5% ITCH1035 Perossido di idrogeno soluzione da 30% a 40% in acqua ITCH0194 Perossodisolfato di diammonio ITCH0313 Perossodisolfato di dipotassio ITCH0284 Perossodisolfato di disodio ITCH0361 Petrolio ITCH0432 pH - Indicatore universale ITCH1912 p-Idrossiazobenzene ITCH0941 Piombo acetato basico soluzione in acqua ITCH0855 Piombo acetato basico ITCH0307 Piombo biossido ITCH0295 Piombo carbonato basico ITCH0308 Piombo cicloesilbutirrato ITCH1473 Piombo cloruro ITCH1182 Piombo cromato ITCH0297 Piombo diacetato soluzione 5% in acqua ITCH0856 Piombo diacetato ITCH0296 Piombo lamina, limatura, granuli ITCH1318 Piombo nitrato ITCH0301 Piombo ossido ITCH0302 Piombo solfato ITCH1123 Piombo soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0286 Piombo standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0597 Piombo standard per ass. atomico ITCH1777 Piombo tetraacetato ITCH0294 Piombo tetrossido ITCH0293 Piperidina ITCH0433 Piridina cloridrato ITCH1741 Piridina ITCH0028 Piridinio dicromato ITCH1321 Piridossina cloridrato ITCH1322 Pirocatecolo ITCH1252 Pirogallolo ITCH0484 Pironina Y ITCH1323 Pirrolo ITCH1709 Pivaloile cloruro ITCH0198 Platino ossido sec. Adams ITCH0854 p-Metossiazobenzene ITCH0942 p-N,N-Dietilfenilendiammina solfato ITCH0912 p-N,N-Dimetilfenilendiammina bicloridrato ITCH0646 p-N,N-Dimetilfenilendiammina ossalato ITCH1427 p-N,N-Dimetiltoluidina ITCH1354 p-Nitroanilina ITCH1310 p-Nitrobenzaldeide ITCH1732 p-Nitrobenzile bromuro ITCH1733 p-Nitrobenzile cloruro ITCH1734 p-Nitrobenzoile cloruro ITCH1263 p-Nitrofenilidrazina ITCH1266 p-Nitrofenolo soluzione 0,1% in acqua ITCH1843 p-Nitrofenolo ITCH1063 p-Nitroso-N,N-dimetilanilina ITCH1259 p-Nitrotoluolo ITCH0543 Ponceau di Xilidina ITCH1430 Porpora bromocresolo soluzione 0,4% in alcole etilico ITCH0735 Porpora bromocresolo ITCH1059 Porpora m-cresolo ITCH1742 p-Ossibenzaldeide ITCH1496 p-Ossibifenile ITCH1472 Potassio (meta)-periodato ITCH0957 Potassio (tetra)ossalato acido ITCH1744 Potassio acetato ITCH0880 Potassio bicarbonato ITCH1328 Potassio bicromato soluzione 0,025 N ITCH1038 Potassio bicromato soluzione 7-1% ITCH0851 Potassio bicromato ITCH0292 Potassio bisolfato ITCH0973 Potassio bromato ITCH0392 Potassio bromuro ITCH0906 Potassio carbonato ITCH0206 Potassio cianato ITCH1124 Potassio cianuro ITCH0226 Potassio cicloesilbutirrato ITCH1329 Potassio cloruro ITCH0227 Potassio cromato soluzione 10% in acqua ITCH0849 Potassio cromato ITCH0289 Potassio D,L-aspartato acido ITCH0195 Potassio esacloroplatinato ITCH1220 Potassio etile xantogenato ITCH1375 Potassio ferricianuro ITCH0547 Potassio ferrocianuro ITCH0548 Potassio fluoruro ITCH0228 Potassio fluotitanato ITCH1338 Potassio formiato ITCH1341 Potassio fosfato bibasico anidro ITCH0551 Potassio fosfato bibasico triidrato ITCH0550 Potassio fosfato monobasico ITCH0549 Potassio ftalato acido ITCH0659 Potassio ftalimmide ITCH1342 Potassio idrossido 0,1 mol/l in alcole etilico ITCH0462 Potassio idrossido 0,1 mol/l in alcole metilico ITCH0601 Potassio idrossido 0,5 mol/l in alcole etilico ITCH0461 Potassio idrossido 0,5 mol/l in alcole metilico ITCH0600 Potassio idrossido da 2 a 0,5% 0,25, 0,1 mol/l ITCH0984 Potassio idrossido da 25 a 5%, 1mol/l, 0,1 mol/l NORMEX ITCH1406 Potassio idrossido da 5 a 2%, 0,5 mol/l ITCH1679 Potassio idrossido scaglie/gocce ITCH0207 Potassio idrossido soluzione da 46% a 25% in acqua ITCH0230 Potassio iodato acido ITCH1474 Potassio iodato ITCH0363 Potassio iodomercurato soluzione in acqua ITCH1690 Potassio ioduro soluzione da 10 a 3% in acqua ITCH0844 Potassio ioduro ITCH0552 Potassio metabisolfito ITCH0881 Potassio nitrato ITCH0393 Potassio nitrito ITCH0394 Potassio ossalato ITCH0288 Potassio ossalato acido ITCH0287 Potassio permanganato 0,02 e 0,002 mol/l ITCH0843 Potassio permanganato 0,2, 0,02 NORMEX ITCH1856 Potassio permanganato ITCH0285 Potassio piroantimoniato acido ITCH1359 Potassio pirofosfato ITCH1343 Potassio pirogallato soluzione 14% in acqua ITCH0602 Potassio pirosolfato ITCH0618 Potassio sodio tartrato ITCH0634 Potassio solfato ITCH0553 Potassio solfocianuro soluzione 5% e 0,1 mol/l ITCH0842 Potassio solfocianuro ITCH0283 Potassio solfoguaiacolato ITCH1344 Potassio sorbato ITCH1345 Potassio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0599 Potassio standard per ass. atomico ITCH1776 Potassio tartrato acido ITCH1346 Potassio tartrato ITCH1372 Potassio tellurito ITCH1745 Potassio ter-butilato ITCH1256 Potassio tetraborato ITCH1347 Potassio titanile ossalato ITCH1348 Potassio ITCH0291 Praseodimio tris(1,1,1,2,2,3,3-eptafluoro-7,7-dimetil-4,6-ottandionato) ITCH1355 Praseodimio tris(dipivaloilmetanoato) ITCH1353 Prednisolone ITCH1192 Procaina cloridrato ITCH0978 Propan-1-olo ITCH0041 Propilammina ITCH0958 Propile acetato ITCH0053 Propile p-ossibenzoato ITCH1268 Propilene carbonato ITCH1396 Propionitrile ITCH0554 p-Toluensolfocloruro ITCH1304 p-Toluensolfonammide ITCH1598 p-Toluensolfonilidrazide ITCH1368 p-Toluensolfonilnitrosometilammide ITCH1600 p-Toluidina ITCH0563 p-Xilene ITCH0248 Rame - Reattivo A ITCH3031 Rame - Reattivo B ITCH3032 Rame acetato ico ITCH0993 Rame ammonio cloruro ico ITCH1299 Rame carbonato basico ico ITCH1394 Rame cloruro ico ITCH0398 Rame cloruro oso soluzione 7% in ammoniaca ITCH0737 Rame cloruro oso ITCH0873 Rame ioduro oso ITCH0626 Rame nitrato ico ITCH0399 Rame ossido ico ITCH0994 Rame ossido oso ITCH1500 Rame pirofosfato ITCH1863 Rame polvere ITCH0992 Rame solfato ico anidro ITCH1180 Rame solfato ico soluzione 12,5% in acqua ITCH0446 Rame solfato ico ITCH0209 Rame soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0275 Rame standard per ass. atomico ITCH1850 Reattivo per la caratterizzazione degli olii vegetali ITCH0840 Reattivo PTH - A ITCH1884 Reattivo PTH - B ITCH1885 Reattivo PTH - Bianco ITCH1913 Reattivo PTH - C ITCH1886 Reattivo PTH - D ITCH1887 Renio ITCH1752 Resorcina ITCH1093 Riboflavina ITCH1193 Rodamina B ITCH1234 Rosso bromofenolo ITCH1767 Rosso bromopirogallolo ITCH1768 Rosso chinaldina ITCH1377 Rosso clorofenolo soluzione 0,4% in alcole etilico ITCH0738 Rosso clorofenolo ITCH1055 Rosso Congo ITCH0229 Rosso fenolo soluzione 0,2% in alcole etilico ITCH0740 Rosso fenolo ITCH1057 Rosso glicina cresolo ITCH1828 Rosso metile soluzione 0,1% in alcole etilico ITCH0604 Rosso metile soluzione 0,2% in alcole etilico ITCH1694 Rosso metile ITCH0966 Rosso neutro ITCH1423 Rosso o-cresolo soluzione 0,2% in alcole etilico ITCH0739 Rosso o-cresolo ITCH1056 Rosso per grassi 7B ITCH1373 Rosso per olio O ITCH1497 Rosso Ponceau BS ITCH1376 Rosso Ponceau S ITCH1146 Rosso rutenio ITCH1822 Rosso solido nucleare ITCH1386 Rosso tiazina fenicato soluzione ITCH1487 Rubidio carbonato ITCH1389 Rubidio cloruro ITCH1390 Saccarosio ITCH0638 Safranina T soluzione per Gram-Hucker ITCH1695 Safranina T ITCH1241 Salda d'amido soluzione 1% in acqua ITCH0835 Sale di blu solido B ITCH1674 Salicilaldossima ITCH1409 Sapone soluzione in alcole etilico ITCH0474 Saponina ITCH0917 Schiff reattivo soluzione (COD. 477591) ITCH0463 Schiff reattivo soluzione (COD. 477601) ITCH1846 Scintimeter D7 ITCH0741 Scintimeter T7 ITCH0742 sec-Butilbenzene ITCH1590 Selenio biossido ITCH1147 Selenio soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0303 Selenio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0669 Selenio standard per ass. atomico ITCH0668 Selenio ITCH1358 Semicarbazide cloridrato ITCH1476 Sesamolo ITCH1425 Shorr colorante soluzione idroalcolica ITCH1866 Silice - Reattivo A ITCH3033 Silice - Reattivo B ITCH3034 Silice - Reattivo C ITCH3035 Silicio biossido ITCH1068 Silicio fuso ITCH1438 Silicio soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0258 Silicio tetracloruro ITCH1445 sim-Collidina ITCH0431 sim-Difenilcarbazide ITCH1773 sim-Difenilcarbazone ITCH1307 sim-Difenilguanidina ITCH0947 sim-Difeniltiocarbazide ITCH1280 sim-Difeniltiocarbazone ITCH1275 sim-Difeniltiourea ITCH1274 sim-Etano dicloro ITCH0185 sim-Etano tetrabromo ITCH0875 Sodio (meta)-periodato ITCH0383 Sodio acetato anidro ITCH0013 Sodio acetato triidrato ITCH0916 Sodio alginato ITCH1337 Sodio alluminato ITCH1233 Sodio ammonio idrogeno fosfato ITCH1450 Sodio arsenito 0,05 mol/l NORMEX ITCH1857 Sodio arsenito 0,05 mol/l ITCH0896 Sodio azoturo ITCH0377 Sodio benzoato ITCH0210 Sodio bicarbonato ITCH0218 Sodio bicromato biidrato ITCH0380 Sodio bifluoruro ITCH1340 Sodio bismutato ITCH1384 Sodio bisolfato ITCH0877 Sodio boro deuteruro ITCH1460 Sodio boro idruro ITCH0389 Sodio bromato ITCH1260 Sodio bromuro ITCH0995 Sodio cacodilato ITCH1477 Sodio carbonato decaidrato ITCH1224 Sodio carbonato soluzione 20% in acqua ITCH0833 Sodio carbonato ITCH0378 Sodio cianoboroidruro ITCH1249 Sodio cicloesilbutirrato ITCH1381 Sodio citrato bibasico ITCH0222 Sodio citrato tribasico anidro ITCH1874 Sodio citrato tribasico biidrato ITCH0555 Sodio cloruro ITCH0390 Sodio cobalto nitrito ITCH1094 Sodio cromato anidro ITCH1693 Sodio cromato ITCH0379 Sodio deuteriossido ITCH1475 Sodio dicloroisocianurato biidrato ITCH1156 Sodio dietilditiocarbammato ITCH1399 Sodio diottilsolfosuccinato ITCH0215 Sodio esafluosilicato ITCH1212 Sodio esametafosfato ITCH1681 Sodio fluoruro ITCH0381 Sodio formiato ITCH1512 Sodio fosfato bibasico anidro ITCH0213 Sodio fosfato bibasico dodecaidrato ITCH0214 Sodio fosfato monobasico ITCH0211 Sodio fosfato tribasico ITCH0556 Sodio fosfomolibdato ITCH1517 Sodio fosfotungstato ITCH1518 Sodio gluconato ITCH1680 Sodio idrogeno solfonato ITCH1519 Sodio idrosolfito ITCH0208 Sodio idrossido < 0,5% e 0,01 mol/l ITCH0905 Sodio idrossido da 2 a 0,5% ITCH0902 Sodio idrossido da 5 a 2%, 1 mol/l, 0,5 mol/l ITCH1333 Sodio idrossido gocce-perline-scaglie ITCH0224 Sodio idrossido soluzione da 50 a 5%, 1 mol/l NORMEX, 0,5-0,1 mol/l ITCH0473 Sodio idrossido su silice ITCH0570 Sodio ioduro ITCH1520 Sodio ipoclorito soluzione in acqua ITCH0223 Sodio ipofosfito ITCH0911 Sodio L-ascorbato ITCH1451 Sodio laurilsolfato ITCH0636 Sodio mertiolato ITCH0011 Sodio metabisolfito ITCH0225 Sodio metafosfato ITCH1213 Sodio metavanadato ITCH1311 Sodio metilato ITCH0231 Sodio molibdato ITCH0882 Sodio nitrato ITCH0232 Sodio nitrito ITCH0244 Sodio nitroprussiato soluzione 10% in acqua ITCH0830 Sodio nitroprussiato ITCH0388 Sodio ossalato ITCH0384 Sodio perborato ITCH0405 Sodio perclorato monoidrato ITCH0385 Sodio perossido ITCH0386 Sodio pirofosfato ITCH1226 Sodio pirrolidinditiocarbammato ITCH0409 Sodio salicilato ITCH0652 Sodio silicato soluzione 35% (40°Bé) ITCH0829 Sodio silicato ITCH1231 Sodio solfato anidro ITCH0557 Sodio solfato ITCH1225 Sodio solfito anidro ITCH0558 Sodio solfito ITCH1153 Sodio solfocianuro ITCH1148 Sodio solfuro nonaidrato ITCH0472 Sodio solfuro triidrato ITCH1229 Sodio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0606 Sodio standard per ass. atomico ITCH1778 Sodio stannato ITCH0233 Sodio succinato ITCH1319 Sodio tartrato acido ITCH1339 Sodio tartrato ITCH0703 Sodio tetraborato anidro ITCH1533 Sodio tetraborato decaidrato ITCH0216 Sodio tetrafenilborato ITCH1361 Sodio tiosolfato 1, 0,1, 0,1 NORMEX, 0,01 mol/l ITCH0827 Sodio tiosolfato anidro ITCH0559 Sodio tiosolfato pentaidrato ITCH1691 Sodio tungstato ITCH0387 Sodio ITCH0221 Solfadiazina ITCH1023 Solfaguanidina ITCH1537 Solfametazina ITCH1549 Solfanilammide ITCH0914 Solfati - Bianco ITCH1950 Solfati - Reattivo A ITCH3036 Solfati - Reattivo B ITCH3037 Solfati - Reattivo C ITCH3038 Solfati - Reattivo D ITCH3039 Solfiti - Reattivo A ITCH1905 Solfiti - Titolante ITCH1906 Solforile cloruro ITCH1753 Solfuri - Reattivo A ITCH3040 Solfuri - Reattivo B ITCH3041 Solfuri - Reattivo C ITCH3042 Soluzione di Bray ITCH0826 Soluzione indicatore pH 0-5,5 ITCH3028 Soluzione indicatore pH 11-14 ITCH3030 Soluzione indicatore pH 6-10 ITCH3029 Solvente PLUS per istologia ITCH1417 Solvente volumetrico per Karl Fischer ITCH1854 Sorbitolo soluzione 70% in acqua ITCH0825 SPADNS ITCH1556 Sparteina solfato ITCH1478 Stagno cloruro oso soluzione 10% in acqua ITCH0744 Stagno cloruro oso ITCH0370 Stagno ossido oso ITCH1560 Stagno sfere, lastra, polvere ITCH1558 Stagno solfato oso ITCH1561 Stagno soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0320 Stagno standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0607 Stagno standard per ass. atomico ITCH0608 Stagno tetracloruro ITCH0252 Stagno tetracloruro ITCH1228 Stripper S3 ITCH0081 Stronzio carbonato ITCH1564 Stronzio cicloesilbutirrato ITCH1566 Stronzio cromato ITCH1003 Stronzio nitrato ITCH0561 Stronzio solfato ITCH1568 Stronzio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0689 Succinimmide ITCH1569 Sudan II ITCH0943 Sudan III soluzione 0,4% idroalcolica ITCH0746 Sudan III ITCH1697 Sudan IV ITCH1232 Talco ITCH1570 Tallio acetato oso ITCH0367 Tallio carbonato oso ITCH1479 Tallio cloruro oso ITCH1480 Tallio nitrato oso ITCH0368 Tallio ITCH0366 Tampone pH 10 (Materiale di riferimento) ITCH5008 Tampone pH 10,00 in capsula blu soluzione pronta ITCH1336 Tampone pH 10,00 soluzione pronta ITCH1336 Tampone pH 11,00 soluzione pronta ITCH1336 Tampone pH 2,00 soluzione pronta ITCH1334 Tampone pH 3,00 soluzione pronta ITCH1334 Tampone pH 3,56 soluzione pronta ITCH1334 Tampone pH 4,00 in capsula rossa soluzione pronta ITCH1334 Tampone pH 4,00 soluzione pronta ITCH1334 Tampone pH 7,00 soluzione pronta ITCH1335 Tampone pH 9,00 soluzione pronta ITCH1336 Tampone pH 9,22 soluzione pronta ITCH1336 Tartrazina ITCH1302 Taurina ITCH1571 Tellurio polvere ITCH1104 Tenoiltrifluoroacetone ITCH1766 Tensioattivi anionici - Reattivo B ITCH1960 Tensioattivi anionici - Reattivo C ITCH1961 Tensioattivi anionici e cationici - Reattivo A ITCH1959 Tensioattivi cationici - Reattivo B ITCH1962 Tensioattivi cationici - Reattivo C ITCH1963 Teofillina monoidrata ITCH0952 ter-Butilbenzene ITCH1591 ter-Butilcicloesano ITCH1593 ter-Butildifenilclorosilano ITCH0137 ter-Butile cloruro ITCH1596 ter-Butilmetiletere ITCH0131 Tetrabutilammonio bromuro ITCH1572 Tetrabutilammonio idrossido ~N/10 in alcole isopropilico ITCH0467 Tetrabutilammonio idrossido 0,1 N sol. In toluene/metanolo ITCH1811 Tetrabutilammonio solfato acido ITCH1574 Tetracianoetilene ITCH1754 Tetracloroetilene ITCH0021 Tetradecano ITCH1579 Tetradecene-1 ITCH1581 Tetraetilammonio bromuro ITCH1357 Tetraetilammonio perclorato ITCH0824 Tetraetilammonio tetrafluoborato ITCH1755 Tetrafluoropropanolo ITCH1981 Tetraidrofurano ITCH0236 Tetraidronaftalene ITCH0072 Tetraidrotiofene 1,1-diossido ITCH1582 Tetrametilammonio idrossido soluzione 10% in acqua ITCH0760 Tetrametilammonio idrossido ITCH9036 Tetrametilsilano ITCH0331 Tetrametilurea ITCH1583 Timolftaleina soluzione 0,1% idroalcolica ITCH0747 Timolftaleina ITCH0872 Timolo ITCH0754 Tioacetammide ITCH0647 Tiodiglicol ITCH1584 Tiofene ITCH0817 Tiofene-2-carbossialdeide ITCH1859 Tionile cloruro ITCH0238 Tionina acetato ITCH1764 Tiosemicarbazide ITCH1217 Tiourea ITCH0253 Titanio biossido ITCH0243 Titanio isopropilato ITCH1592 Titanio tetracloruro ITCH0828 Titanio tricloruro soluzione 15% in acqua ITCH0822 Titanio ITCH1246 Titolante per Karl Fischer 5 e 2mg/ml ITCH1853 Toluene ITCH0026 Torin ITCH1483 Tornasole ITCH1603 trans-1,2-Dimetilcicloesano ITCH0963 trans-4-metilpentene-2 ITCH0154 Triacetina ITCH1607 Tributilfosfato ITCH0135 Tricina ITCH1617 Tricloroetilene ITCH0083 Triclorofluorometano ITCH1621 Tricresolo ITCH1454 Tridecano ITCH1622 Trietanolammina ITCH0247 Trietilammina ITCH0241 Trifenilclorometano ITCH1758 Trifenilfosfina ITCH0259 Trimetilammina cloridrato ITCH1625 Trimetilammina ITCH0867 Trimetilbenzilammonio cloruro ITCH1627 Trimetilcetilammonio bromuro ITCH0627 Trimetilcetilammonio p-toluensolfonato ITCH0012 Trimetilclorosilano ITCH0242 Triottilammina ITCH1762 Triottilfosfina ossido ITCH1763 Tris(idrossimetil)amminometano cloridrato ITCH1634 Tris(idrossimetil)amminometano ITCH0254 Triton X 100 ITCH1852 Tropeolina O ITCH1061 Tropeolina OO ITCH1125 Tungsteno ITCH1636 Turk reattivo ITCH1682 Urea ITCH0251 Vanadile bis-(benzoilacetonato) ITCH1652 Vanadile cloruro soluzione 50% in acido cloridrico ITCH0819 Vanadio pentossido ITCH0239 Vanadio standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0610 Vanillina ITCH0699 Verde brillante ITCH1349 Verde bromocresolo soluzione 0,04% idroalcolica ITCH0752 Verde bromocresolo ITCH1062 Verde luce SF ITCH1414 Verde malachite ITCH1084 Verde metile ITCH1769 Vermiculite ITCH1858 Vernice gastroresistente (0,3% Titanio biossido) ITCH2101 Vernice gastroresistente ITCH2100 Vernice gomma lacca lemon ITCH1881 Vinilidene cloruro ITCH0151 Violetto cristalli 0,5% in acido acetico ITCH0611 Violetto cristalli ossalato soluzione per Gram-Hucker ITCH1696 Violetto genziana soluzione fenicata ITCH0753 Violetto genziana ITCH0616 Violetto metile 1B ITCH0255 Violetto pirocatechina ITCH1245 Vitamina B12 ITCH1661 Vitamina B6 dipalmitato ITCH1801 Vitamina E acetato ITCH1662 Wijs reattivo ITCH0465 Wright colorante soluzione in alcole metilico ITCH1486 Xantidrolo soluzione 10% in alcole metilico ITCH0612 Xantina ITCH1663 Xilencianolo FF ITCH0969 Xilene ITCH0071 Ziehl-Neelsen reattivo ITCH0466 Zinco - Bianco ITCH1968 Zinco - Reattivo A ITCH1964 Zinco - Reattivo A ITCH3043 Zinco - Reattivo B ITCH1965 Zinco - Reattivo B ITCH3044 Zinco - Reattivo C ITCH1966 Zinco - Reattivo C ITCH3045 Zinco - Reattivo D ITCH1967 Zinco - Reattivo D ITCH3046 Zinco acetato ITCH0564 Zinco carbonato basico ITCH1420 Zinco cicloesilbutirrato ITCH1664 Zinco cloruro soluzione 60% in acqua ITCH0818 Zinco cloruro ITCH0256 Zinco dibenzilditiocarbammato ITCH1665 Zinco ioduro ITCH1666 Zinco nitrato ITCH0369 Zinco ossido ITCH0565 Zinco perossido ITCH1085 Zinco polvere ITCH0237 Zinco solfato 0,1 e 0,05 mol/l ITCH0816 Zinco solfato eptaidrato ITCH0240 Zinco solfato monoidrato ITCH1181 Zinco solfuro ITCH1765 Zinco soluzione standard per I.C.P. ITCH0290 Zinco standard per ass. atomico NORMEX ITCH0665 Zinco standard per ass. atomico ITCH1851 Zinco stearato ITCH0706 Zirconile cloruro ITCH1086 Zirconile nitrato ITCH1160 Zirconio ossido ITCH1667 Zirconio polvere ITCH0089 Zolfo dicloruro ITCH1669 Zolfo monocloruro ITCH1374 Zolfo sublimato lavato ventilato ITCH0566 a-Benzoinossima ITCH0769 a-Furildiossima ITCH1072 a-N,N-Dimetilnaftilammina ITCH0971 a-a'-Dipiridile ITCH0972 ß-Alanina ITCH0654

    International Chemical Safety Cards - VERSIONE INTERNAZIONALE IN ITALIANO.

    Traduzione e implementazione in lingua Italiana a cura delle Agenzie Ambientali delle Regioni: Emilia-Romagna, Campania, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardia, Piemonte, Toscana, Veneto. INDICE dei NOMI CHIMICI e dei SINONIMI (A - Z ELENCO) , INDICE dei NOMI CHIMICI e dei SINONIMI , INDICE dei NOMI CHIMICI , INDICE dei NUMERO CAS , INDICE dei NUMERO CEE , INDICE dei NUMERO EINECS , INDICE dei NUMERO ICSC e dei NOMI CHIMICI , INDICE dei NUMERO RTECS , INDICE dei NUMERO ONU. L'IPCS (International Programme on Chemical Safety) è un programma collaborativo internazionale delle Nazioni Unite, dell’OMS e dell’ILO attivo dal 1980, centrato sulle sostanze chimiche e sostanzialmente finalizzato a: creare un consenso internazionale per la definizione del rischio per la salute umana e per la qualità dell’ambiente; favorire l’uso di tali definizioni di rischio nei paesi membri, per la gestione del rischio chimico. Fra le iniziative promosse dall’ IPCS rientra la consultazione periodica di esperti internazionali per la messa a punto di dossier informativi sulle sostanze chimiche, quali le schede ICSC ( International Chemical Safety Cards).

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