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    Trading materie prime on line

    Petroleum Place, Inc.

    Petroleum Place is a leading enterprise solution and asset transaction service provider for the energy industry. Enterprise software products and services are offered through P2 Energy Solutions (P2ES), established through the merger of Paradigm Technologies, Novistar and Petroleum Financial (PFI). P2ES has implemented financial and operational management systems at more than 210 companies, including major integrated companies and leading independents. Transaction services are offered through The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse (Hybrid live floor/Internet auctions), Petroleum Place Energy Advisors (negotiated transaction and advisory services), and Petro TradeLinks (trades).

    Infochems Inc.

    Infochems performing world wide chemical e-market trading company thrugh chemical database aiming to be the most professional chemical marketing, distributing and chemical information providing through infochems database.

    WMC Marketing - Nickel Internet Marketing System

    WMC Nickel Briquettes:WMC Nickel Briquettes are a registered LME brand and conform fully to the ASTM B39-79 specification. (See Nickel Briquette Specification for full details of the physical and chemical specification and for packaging details). WMC Nickel Powder: See Nickel Powder Specification for full details of the physical and chemical specification and for packaging details.

    WMC Marketing - Cobalt Open Sales System

    Falconbridge 1" x 1" cut electrolytic cobalt cathodes, minimum 99.8% grade, packed in 250 kg Falconbridge steel drums.

    PlasticsNet: Digital Marketplace for the plastics industry

    Resource for professionals in the plastic industry- Information on thermoplastic olefins, urethane, acrylic, isonomer, weatherable ASA-AES, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, polyphenylene ether, phenolic, and more

    NewView Technologies Inc.

    NewView Technologies provides inter-enterprise software that enables companies to gain visibility into critical supply chain information, to collaborate among multiple trading partners, and to increase the velocity of multi-company business transactions. The company was founded in September 1998 as e-STEEL Corporation and changed its name to NewView Technologies Inc. in November 2001 to reflect the evolution of its solutions.

    FairMarket, Inc.

    FairMarket, Inc. is an excess inventory solutions provider that helps companies automate the process of selling their excess inventory to wholesale and consumer buyers. We offer a full range of services, technology and expertise to help large merchants to maximize yield on clearance, excess and off-lease inventory and to realize process efficiencies. Our solutions enable merchants to sell to their existing base of wholesale buyers or to reach the massive pool buyers on eBay as well as consumers on their own sites.


    FreeMarkets is the leading global provider of e-sourcing software and service solutions, and operates the world's largest sourcing market. Our e-sourcing software and service solutions help suppliers to win new business and buying organizations to dramatically improve their sourcing process and identify immediate and ongoing savings.


    ChemConnect: Provides the only end-to-end e-commerce solution for buyers and sellers of chemicals and plastics worldwide.


    This site is organized to assist businesses around the world to locate, buy and sell commercial quantities of chemical raw materials for a variety of industries. Access the latest information on the global chemical markets and the worldwide business activities of AllChem Industries.


    Metal Bulletin is a trading, metals pricing, information, news and communication system for the global metals industry. Serving both ferrous and non-ferrous markets Metal Bulletin also carriies LME metals prices.

    ChemDeals is a full-service, online trading system for surplus industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, and other raw materials. ChemDeals provides a marketplace where chemical industry manufacturers, distributors, processors, and other buyers and sellers can trade excess inventory simply, efficiently and anonymously.


    Chem-online is a comprehensive site for the full exchange of chemicals. Registered members will be able to post chemical products for sale under Auction, Classified and request chemicals under Procurement. The Classified module also offer price protection and a private negotiation process.

    Metal Suppliers Online

    Metals Suppliers Online. The Whole Metals Industry in One Website. Welcome to Metal Suppliers Online (MSO). We've been on the web now for 5 years and now have over 40,000 registered users. Buyers If you are estimating or job costing, to build a request for quote which will be sent to 2800 North American metal suppliers, getting you the best values in the market. Or, If you have a firm RUSH order to place and haven’t been able to find the material you need, hit the panic button to send a message to our Rapid Response Team, our premium quote service. Engineers use our website as the last word in metals availability. We promote the concept of including materials availability right alongside the data you need to make your decisions.

    Indian EXIM Portal

    Indian Exim Portal - Guide to Export Import Trade in India, EXIM Guidelines, Indian EXIM Policies, Foreign Trade Regulations, Export Import Procedures, Acts & Formalities etc."


    Available since October 2000, ChemCross has provided online chemical exchange services to over 1,000 member companies in Asian chemical industry. Transactional value of over $120M has already been made on our site and is growing at average of 33% per month. The online exchange services of ChemCross are available in Marketplace section of our site. The services include the following three representative businesses. is a definitive global chemical exchange. We offer you a vast resource of information for chemical trading, empowering you to buy, sell and trade from anywhere in the world. is an Asia based platform with global reach. We are an independent and neutral third party putting you in touch with international buyers and sellers in the chemical industry with just one click. We enable your business and meet your specific sales and purchase requirements, offer import and export trade leads, catalog posting, storefronts, E-mail tender alerts and a comprehensive global directory. will also offer online auctions, reverse auctions and online transactions in a short while. Along with our partner company, we aim at expanding your market and creating an integrated resource base for you as well as building an interactive community within the industry.

    eChinaChem Chemical Trading Marketplace

    eChinaChem is an online chemical trading exchange for foreign buyers to find and negotiate with Chinese chemical suppliers. eChinaChem also assists buyers in due diligence and supplier qualification and suppliers in logistics, customs clearance, and other parts of transaction execution.

    Welcome to – the first e-commerce site developed exclusively to meet the evolving needs of epoxy buyers. At we're working to bring together suppliers and purchasers of epoxy resins, epoxy-related materials and equipment, and other related products to provide a one-stop e-commerce site. Customers of significantly reduce the time spent on the procurement process and can buy at some of the most cost-competitive pricing available.

    Forehigh Trade and Industry Co. Ltd.

    FOREHIGH as a manufacturer for certain products and an exporter for many products, offers fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, intermediates, and botanical extracts for various industries including animal health, foods and feeds, and agriculture. We provide customers with ingredients for their industries; we provide suppliers with a channel to the world market; we provide employees with advancement opportunities in an innovative and professional way. We will not give up other high level services when we are focusing on our core competence of flexible, reliable, and quick responses, which we believe will enhance our customers' competencies., the industry's leading e-Commerce Web site, is speeding up and simplifying the whole range of customer services. It is comprehensive and user-friendly, offering 24-7 access to information on more than 30,000 resins, along with availability data, easy ordering procedures, order tracking and discussion groups.


    Founded in 2000 by BASF, Bayer, Dow, DuPont and Ticona, Omnexus currently offers plastics products and related services from more than 20 global suppliers. Omnexus is designed and built by the global plastics industry to be the single source for everything a plastics professional needs to succeed in daily business, including: The broadest selection of resins available online Primary and Auxiliary equipment Tooling Customers do not buy from Omnexus - they buy through Omnexus. Omnexus is directly integrated into our suppliers' order entry systems, and so customers transact directly with each supplier when they do business through us. Omnexus provides customers with the brands they buy today, the suppliers they trust, and the sales relationships they know. Everything stays the same including account numbers, pricing, and terms & conditions. The only thing that changes is the way customers place orders with our easy-to-use system.

    Plastics Exchange

    The Plastics Exchange is a real-time spot marketplace for anonymously buying and selling prime commodity grade plastic resins in truckloads and railcars. Certain ranges of properties including density, melt flow, izod and additives define the 28 contracts of Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polystyrene traded on the exchange. We guarantee product quality and delivery to buyers and guarantee payment to sellers. In addition to the prime commodity grade resin on the site, we also have access to a full range of domestic wide spec as well as prime foreign resin for international trade.

    Polymer Additives

    Your one-stop for a wide selection of top quality products from the world's leading polymer additive manufacturers. Our conveniently located warehouses enable consolidated shipments and short lead times. Take a Quick tour. By offering online ordering, product and application information, order tracking and technical support, is providing the additives industry a comprehensive, global polymer additives source.

    Silicones by GE

    GE Silicones, headquartered in Waterford, New York, is a global leader in the development and manufacture of silicone products. For more than 50 years, we have engineered for the world a wide range of high-performing elastomers, sealants, coatings and fluids.

    Manufacturing.Net provides information and services for manufacturing professionals, including a comprehensive product supplier database (Manufacturing Yellow Pages); industry-specific news and research; economic reports; editorial content from well-know trade publications; marketplaces for books, industry standards; and much more.


    Because each discipline has its requirements, we have divided Interchim into 4 divisions. We have pleasure in introducing 2 of them : the INTERFINE-INTERBULK divisions specialized in the distribution of elaborated chemicals mainly for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agrochemical Industry. The flexibility of INTERFINE-INTERBULK allows Interchim to offer products : for Research purposes ( mg-g) for Development and Experimentation purposes ( kg ), for Production purposes ( tons ).


    MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK is a time-honored buyers guide to the products of over 120,000 verified industrial companies. First published in 1893 as America's original industrial directory, MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK has grown to become a leading on-line sourcing tool, through both its own web site and through the networks of its Yellow Pages partners and web sites. With over 120,000 industrial companies and over 500,000 industrial product listings, MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK has teamed up with two of the Internet's premier Yellow Pages publishers, and web sites, who now expertly address the needs of their millions of industrial users by embedding MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK industrial listing and advertising data directly into their sites and listings.

    Parchem Trading Ltd.

    Founded in 1988, Parchem Trading Ltd. has grown from a single agency in the ceramics field to a broad-based supplier of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and minerals to virtually every industry that requires them. We began by representing Dead Sea Periclase of Israel, the world’s leading producer of highest purity Magnesium Oxide compounds. Our history dates back even further, as our company President was one of the founders of DSP in 1971. Initially our key sales were to the Refractories industry, where their MgO was the component of bricks used in linings of BOF furnaces. Our active participation in the Refractories industry has led us to our worldwide operation which supplies industrial minerals, petrochemicals and oleochemicals.

    Australian Trade Commission

    The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) is the Australian Government agency that helps Australian companies win overseas business for their products and services by reducing the time, cost and risk involved in selecting, entering and developing international markets. Our mission is to contribute to community wealth by helping more Australians succeed in export and international business. Austrade is represented in 117 locations in 58 countries including an extensive domestic network throughout Australia. Austrade offers practical advice, market intelligence and ongoing support (including financial) to Australian businesses looking to develop international markets. Austrade also provides advice and guidance on overseas investment and joint venture opportunities, and helps put Australian businesses in contact with potential overseas investors. Austrade is a statutory authority within the Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio. Austrade is governed by a board, whose members are drawn from business and government. It reports to the Minister for Trade.

    Chemical Land21

    ! If you're looking for a supplier of worldwide chemicals for your most powerful business , you've come to the exact site. Here ,at Chemical Land21, best pricing , quality products and secure delivery are just the beginning. Customizing our services to meet your all requirements is our final goal. While 'Chemical Land21' want to be the strongest chemicals supplier, we are desirous to be your first choice when you think about service. We are sure our powerful supplying solutions and service will be your first choice in the chemical and plastic industry.

    Alibaba Manufacturer Directory - Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters & Importers

    Products and Services in Chemicals Category: Chemical Products, Equipment, Industry Supplies, Find Suppliers, Exporters, Manufacturers, Factories, OEM, Manufacturing Contractors, Trading Agents, Dropshippers in China and around the World. . Activated Carbon (102) Adhesives & Sealants (259) Bio-technology Products@ (212) Catalysts (21) Chemical Additives, Auxiliary (118) Chemical Machinery (287) Chemical Reagent (149) Chemical Waste@ (110) Chemicals Stocks (26) Coatings (132) Dyestuffs (377) Explosive (50) Fertilizer@ (277) Fine Chemicals (1699) Air Freshener (102) Cosmetics@ (573) Detergent (212) Flavour and Fragrance (211) Soap (420) Others (181) Fodder, Feed Additives (227) Food Additives (755) High Polymers (71) Inorganic Chemical Materials (864) Alkali (28) Elementary Substance (29) Inorganic Acid (64) Inorganic Salt (483) Oxide (193) Others (67) Lab Supplies (128) Organic Chemical Materials (922) Aldehyde & Ketone (25) Alkene (3) Alkyl (39) Alkyne (0) Amine (43) Benzene & Ramification (33) Ester (76) Hydrin (11) Organic Acid (135) Organic Intermediate (372) Organic Salt (50) Saccharide (1) Others (134) Paint (129) Petroleum & Products@ (385) Bitumen (25) Coke (42) Crude Oil (57) Fuel Oil (41) Graphite (30) Lubricant (93) Paraffin (50) Vaseline (10) Others (37) Agrochemicals & Pesticides@ (493) Fertilizer (277) Fungicide (20) Herbicides (47) Insecticides (109) Plant Growth Regulator (34) Others (6) Pharmaceutical Chemicals@ (861) Pigment (328) Plastics & Products (1103) Plastic Machinery@ (378) Printing Oil (37) Resin (149) Rubber & Products (723) Synthetic fibres@ (155)

    At, our focus is on delivering a personalized e-distribution service to the Fine and Specialty chemical market. Using proven Internet-enabled technologies, we provide a faster, easier and more personalized service than traditional distributors. But we do more than just place and fill orders. We work hard to develop and maximize a one-to-one relationship with clients by learning their needs and preferences. We then use that knowledge to help our customers build a better business. is based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Bellevue, Washington, and is positioned for growth and success in the emerging e-business technology market. We'd like to thank you in advance for considering as your premiere provider of chemical market services.

    SESAMi ChemX's chemical portal. ChemX is the first to provide a comprehensive on-line catalogue, auction services, information services and procurement for both direct and indirect goods and services for the chemical industry in the Asia Pacific region. Set to revolutionise the way business is conducted in the chemical industry, ChemX leverages the convenience and efficiency of the Internet to link buyers and suppliers together to form a trading community. ChemX creates value by reducing search and information transfer costs and enhances matching for buyers and sellers. It is a win-win for both buyers and suppliers, as it will create efficiencies in the value chain, lower procurement costs, and provide opportunities for revenue generation in new markets.


    Today, cc-chemplorer is the leading European B2B marketplace with more than 15,000 transactions each week. This makes it not only the marketplace with the most transactions worldwide but also a qualified expert for professional catalog management with a greatly expanded product range.At cc-chemplorer the best the market can offer comes together: decades of expertise from top industrial companies as well as innovative technology and forms of organization of the e-business age. The concentrated strength and know-how from cc-chemplorer benefit customers all over the world. The marketplace has been tailor-made for the daily requirements of the processing industry in terms of indirect goods and services.


    Elemica is a leading network for the global chemical industry, developed by 22 of the leading chemical companies in the world for the benefit of the entire industry. We are one of the first networks to offer total solutions focused on improving supply chain inefficiencies. Offering a "one-stop" experience through browser-based and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connectivity, Elemica represents an outstanding level of commitment and coordination. Given our considerable liquidity, reach, security and capability, Elemica is in a leadership position to drive standards and lead the transformation of the chemical industry. Our vision is that these standards will lead to significant efficiencies in the commercial process providing savings across the industry of up to $20 billion*. The key to delivering maximum value to every chemical company in the Elemica network is a winning e-commerce solution that focuses on connectivity, neutrality and security for users.


    Excellence in Chemicals

    GE Plastics

    GE Global Supplier Network provides existing and potential suppliers around the world, the opportunity to interface electronically with GE Plastics globally. Our objective is to create a dynamic, collaborative, high-speed interface with our supply chain.


    CIDX is a robust trade association and standards body focused on realizing transactional efficiency throughout the global chemical industry supply chain. From its beginning, CIDX has focused on improving the ease, speed and cost effectiveness of electronic business transactions between chemical companies and their trading partners. As electronic commerce in the chemical industry evolved, CIDX led the effort to standardize data and business processes in order to reduce connectivity barriers and improve data accuracy while ultimately increasing efficiency, reliability and the speed of electronic transactions.


    SpecialChem runs a comprehensive range of online services (large chemicals databases organized by function and application, newsletters, technical articles, on-line selectors.) which allow rapid & interactive exchanges with leading experts in many specific technical fields. Rapidly solving technical problems, reducing product development time, giving ideas to create innovative products, improving product performances or constantly updating with the latest industry trends are among the key benefits SpecialChem is continuously delivering to industrials around the globe. In the same time SpecialChem helps suppliers to accelerate the introduction of their new products and extend their reach to provide solutions.

    Selected Chemicals Marketing of Industrial Chemicals

    Purchase, sale and marketing of industrial chemicals

    Global Oil and Gas Offshore/Onshore Property Auctions, Oil and Gas Online Keyword Energy Networking Directory

    Individuals and companies bid for a six (6) day option by silent auction to purchase the onshore/offshore oil and gas property, power utilities, aviation, shipping products, equipment, international (outside USA) real estate at a stated minimum price, which typically may include properties ranging in price from the several hundred thousand dollar value to several hundred million dollars. The value of these properties sometimes range over a billion dollars in asking price. Please note the wanted areas are also handled with a six (6) day option auction. Global Tradedays are held in Houston, Calgary, London, and Singapore. For our customers' convenience, we have the world's best oil and gas energy networking directory searchable by keywords.


    PolyOne brings together global resources and expertise to provide our customers with high-quality polymer products, services and solutions. Our vast product line includes plastic compounds, colorants, thermoplastic elastomers, specialty vinyl resins, polyurethanes and engineered films, plus an array of specialty additives. Through our comprehensive design and technical support services, engineers work directly with customers to formulate the right polymer compound to meet specific applications. PolyOne operates manufacturing and distribution centers worldwide. We work closely with our customers so we know the issues and challenges that face OEMs and processors. And, we respond to our customers’ needs using our extensive R&D and technology resources to create new generations of products and services, always keeping an eye on emerging trends.


    Founded in April 2000, SpecialChem is a knowledge and service provider in the domain of specialty chemicals. Using Internet, e-marketing tools and knowledge management systems, SpecialChem has developed a range of services highly responsive to the needs of specialty chemicals users and producers. SpecialChem is a gateway to several platforms, each one dedicated to one specialty chemicals segment. The first two platforms are: Adhesives & Sealants (this website), Polymer additives & colors, Coatings & Inks.


    cc-hubwoo creates and administers on-demand supplier relationship management solutions which allow large companies to automate purchase and procurement processes, connect with suppliers, access customized electronic catalogs and execute electronic transactions, while also enabling suppliers to achieve reduction in transaction and settlement costs. The core offering consists of three major products: A Hosted eProcurement System based on the SAP Enterprise Buyer Professional application, that allows close to 60,000 buying professionals to conduct requisitioning and procurement online. A Catalog Management System that manages over 1,800 supplier electronic catalogs for a total of over 25 million items. A Hub and Supplier Order Management System that routes and distributes a yearly volume of nearly 2 million electronic purchase orders from buyers to suppliers, for a total spend value of 5 billion euros. The highly secure infrastructure, built around a high capacity transactions hub, allows global operations 24/7/365, with 100% accuracy of transaction tracking and performance monitoring.

    Univar USA

    Univar USA is the leading chemical distributor in the United States, providing more chemical products and related services than any other company in the marketplace. Our wide distribution network, with locations coast-to-coast, helps guarantee fast, reliable service to Univar's customers.


    WANT MORE SILICONE FOR YOUR MONEY? Xiameter, from Dow Corning, is a web-enabled business model offering low prices for large volumes of commonly used silicones through transparent and unprecedented pricing and transaction simplicity.

    Chemporium Sourcing chemicals

    Chemporium mette a disposizione una piattaforma web based per gestire in piena autonomia l'intero processo di sourcing nell'ambito chimico e farmaceutico.Particolarmente indicato per la gestione di RFQ e aste d'acquisto per stock, materie prime ,intermedi , reagenti chimici vari, etc.Con una semplice connessione a internet potrete gestire anche organizzazioni complesse ,creare filiali e agenti, controllare mandati , selezionare i fornitori, etc.Manuali d'uso a disposizione.


    ChemCenter is an independent 3rd party web platform for professional trading of chemicals, designed to complement and built upon traditional chemical distribution which was founded by and is operated by chemical engineering experts. ChemCenter provides: Worldwide exposure to chemical buyers and suppliers. Local agents, around the world, work to boost sales of products. Opportunity to sale and buy chemicals online. Technical support by professional chemical experts. Automated and protected ordering paper work. Safe cash transactions and fast trading. ChemCenter's business model is based on combining traditional chemical marketing methods with the strong advantages of the internet. Our worldwide chemical agents work to boost the sales of our listed products. Each of our agents follows each deal personally and protects the interests of both buyers and suppliers. Cash transactions are made through ChemCenter as a mediator company, that way we protect suppliers from frauds and buyers from damaged goods. ChemCenter provide professional support with the marketing, engineering and technical needs of buyers and suppliers that are working with us. We work according to ISO 9001/2000 guidelines. We strongly believe that our simple, efficient and anonymous online platform, with protected cash transactions and with our personal care, can increase selling for suppliers and more competitive prices for buyers. For more information about your benefits please click on the following links: Buyer's Benefits; Supplier's Benefits. You are more than welcome to call us or e-mail us in order to understand better how we can help you increase your sales. Our success is your success to get the best deal for yourself!!

    Titanium Mill

    Titanium Metal Supply is a titanium supplier and stocking distributor as well as a full service source of titanium mill products.

    Iron and steel provides a comprehensive Industry directory index for our business-to-business trading community hub portal.