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    For resources and information on Travel and School Zoning


    La novità di queste lezioni d'inglese è che si tengono in Internet. Naturalmente non hanno nessuna pretesa se non quella di veicolare un invito ad avvicinarsi all'inglese in maniera diversa. Se le immagini, i brani, i suoni e i quiz interattivi vi permetteranno di imparare qualcosa della lingua inglese per me sarà motivo di soddisfazione.

    L' inglese giocando. INGLESE.IT è il primo portale in Italia dedicato all’apprendimento della lingua inglese. Il sito è online dal 1999 e ha attirato l’attenzione della stampa grazie ai suoi servizi innovativi, infatti è stato il primo sito ad organizzare corsi all’estero esclusivamente tramite internet. La società è gestita da un’amministrazione con esperienza decennale nel campo della formazione linguistica, affiancata da uno staff specializzato.


    Traduzione piccoli testi e dizionario


    A lezione dal professor Sperling


    Grammatica on line e spelling sonoro

    Churchill House

    Sezione " English on line " gratis


    A lezione da Karin


    Bookmark di risorse on line


    EnglishBlog è il primo sito tematico per l’apprendimento della lingua Inglese che unisce le funzioni del blog a quelle del podcasting. Regolarmente vengono pubblicate delle brevi lezioni i cui contenuti spaziano dalla grammatica, al lessico, alla lettura, alle curiosità e tanto altro ancora, con chiari riferimenti ad episodi di vita reale: vacanze, cibo e salute, tecnologia, sport, vita sociale, ecc. La pubblicazione delle lezioni è alternata a supporti audio in formato podcast. Tutto il materiale pubblicato è originale e quindi realizzato, in esclusiva per, dal Centro Linguistico d’Ateneo Messinese (C.L.A.M.) – Università di Messina.lezioni in MP3 di inglese

    English Maze

    A unique website for students, teachers and schools learning English. The English Maze contains hundreds of dynamic Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing & Grammar activities. Plus Chat, E-pals, Discussion boards, lesson plans + many other free resources.


    Corsi di inglese online con docenti dal vivo disponibili 24/24 ogni giorno e studenti collegati da ogni parte del mondo. Offre tante risorse gratuite per imparare l'inglese: test e quiz di lingua, articoli didattici, lezioni di inglese via email e una comunità di iscritti.


    The TOEFL test opens more doors than any other academic English test. More than 6,000 institutions and agencies in 110 countries rely on TOEFL scores to select students with the English skills needed to succeed.


    Il sito dei test. Test your level of English here. There are 3 levels to choose from. When you have completed and submitted a test form the results will be displayed on the screen. You may also receive the results by email. If your teachers or trainers need a copy of the results you can also send them a copy by email. Each test will take you about 10-15 minutes. Do not use a dictionary.


    Il controllo della pronuncia


    Letture con autori classici


    La biblioteca del congresso americano. The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with more than 130 million items on approximately 530 miles of bookshelves. The collections include more than 29 million books and other printed materials, 2.7 million recordings, 12 million photographs, 4.8 million maps, and 58 million manuscripts.


    Letteratura inglese

    Università della Virginia: Etext Center

    The Etext Center was founded on a commonsense vision that combines emerging network and digitizing technologies with our subject expertise and library skills. Our twin mission is as follows: to create an on-line archive of standards-based texts and images in the humanities to build and support user communities adept at the creation and use of online resources. The assumptions that lie behind this mission statement are presented in brief outline below; they have worked well for us, and in large measure they are generalizable to other digital publishing endeavours, and to the general notion of a digital library itself. These issues can be found treated at greater length in various publications that have come out of the Etext Center, some of which are online.

    The comprehensive site for ESL, EFL, TOEIC, TOEFL, studying English, and learning English. Comprehensive new ESL Site including forums, realtime chat, grammar, flashcards, worksheets, puzzles and games, phonics, jobs, streaming audio materials, TOEIC modules, helplines, and much more.


    Altri tests, FREE access to dozens of Basic tests (almost twice as many as non-members). Feature that allows you to sort tests by topic, by ones you haven't taken yet, or by suggested theme packages. Storage. Automatically save your 5 most recent test results and scores with your free My Profile. Extras . Suggested theme packages of tests (ie. Interview Skills or Relationship Health). Access to Mind Tools; interactive learning tools on topics like Memory, Speed-Reading and Procrastination.

    Un dizionario e molto altro. is a multi-source dictionary search service produced by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC, a leading provider of language reference products and services on the Internet. To use the dictionary, simply type a word in the blue search box that appears at the top of every page and then click the 'Search' button. This will perform a search for the word in the several dictionaries hosted on our site (see below). If you don't know how to spell the word, just guess. You will get a list of suggestions if you are wrong.


    Traduzioni in molte lingue

    Folger Shakespeare Library

    The Folger Shakespeare Library is an independent research library located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Its history is intrinsically linked to that of its founders, Henry Clay Folger and his wife, Emily Jordan Folger, who established the Library in 1932 as a gift to the American people.

    The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

    Welcome to the Web's first edition of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. This site has offered Shakespeare's plays and poetry to the Internet community since 1993. All's Well That Ends Well , As You Like It , The Comedy of Errors , Cymbeline , Love's Labours Lost , Measure for Measure , The Merry Wives of Windsor , The Merchant of Venice , A Midsummer Night's Dream , Much Ado About Nothing , Pericles, Prince of Tyre , Taming of the Shrew , The Tempest , Troilus and Cressida , Twelfth Night , Two Gentlemen of Verona , Winter's Tale Henry IV, part 1 , Henry IV, part 2 , Henry V , Henry VI, part 1 , Henry VI, part 2 , Henry VI, part 3 , Henry VIII , King John , Richard II , Richard III Antony and Cleopatra , Coriolanus , Hamlet , Julius Caesar , King Lear , Macbeth , Othello , Romeo and Juliet , Timon of Athens , Titus Andronicus.

    Shakespeare Institute

    The Shakespeare Institute is a unique centre for postgraduate study of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Based in Mason Croft, an elegant eighteenth-century house with beautiful gardens and grounds in the centre of Stratford-upon-Avon, the Institute gives its students the friendliness of being part of a close-knit academic community while offering superb academic resources needed for specialist postgraduate work on the drama of the English Renaissance. Taken together, the Institute's activities add up to an extraordinary atmosphere of academic co-operation and enthusiasm for research.

    English lesson by International PBI S.p.a.

    Lesson 01: PRINCIPLES IN CORPORATE TURNAROUND. Hi, I am Dr Mike Teng, President of the Marketing Institute of Singapore. There are many similarities between a company and a person. A company can fall sick just as a person does. There are five major principles involved in the process of corporate turnaround. And today, I am going to talk about the first principle...

    Daily ESL

    For Students: The purpose of this site is to help you learn language that is used in everyday conversation. Reading newspapers and textbooks can be helpful for academic English, but many students often spend their time reading information that is very difficult and might not be used in day-to-day conversations. Thus, Daily ESL is designed to help you become familiar with common vocabulary and expressions you can use all the time in many situations. Choose a topic, listen and read along with paragraph, and then discuss the questions with a partner. Compare your thoughts to the recorded interview. (These parts are being added to this site now.)

    For Teachers: For years, I have noticed that a great deal of language instruction focuses on intensive reading that often centers around students' understanding of short, abstract or less-frequently used topics. A typical scene is where students have their electronic dictionaries in hand and are looking up every other word for help because the reading passage is far beyond their linguistic reach. The topics are often very difficult and do not deal with everyday conversation, unless you are a marine biologist studying the impact of global warming on a rare form of fungus at the bottom of the sea. I'm sure many teachers have worked with students who have "studied" English for more than 10 years, but these same students couldn't carry on a simple conversation on today's weather.

    Il corso d'inglese di 2torri in collaborazione con British School propone esercitazioni di inglese via Internet. Ogni mese sarà disponibile un nuovo practice test sul sito, curato dai teachers della British School per Sarà così possibile per tutti praticare le proprie conoscenze d'inglese, imparare nuovi vocaboli e verificare le proprie competenze grammaticali. Questa volta non ci rimane che dire: buon lavoro! è un collettivo di inseganti madrelingua che si pone l’obiettivo di facilitare l’apprendimento della lingua inglese online, e soprattutto gratuitamente, tramite traduzioni, lezioni , notizie, curiosità e qualunque altro mezzo offerto dalla tecnologia.

    English Gateway

    English Gateway offers online vocabulary lessons for intermediate and advanced ESL students. Designed for self-study or classroom use, our lessons include: completely original authentic stories or articles , useful English expressions including idioms, phrasal verbs and collocations with clear definitions and examples , professional audio , practice exercises , relevant cultural information , Our goal is to help you learn to "talk the talk’ – understand and communicate the way North Americans really do.


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